Im home

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Steph pov.

"What are you doing back?" My brother Hayden stood up from the couch were he was originally playing a video game. He made his way over to me. Both of us stood there like statues, taking in that both of us were together in person.  I couldn't take it any longer and dropped my bag to pull him into a hug.

"I..I..I had to" I cried into his shoulder. He may of been younger but he had always been taller than me and more protective. He rubbed my back in a circular motion calming me down and led me to the couch.

"Sis, Its okay. Don't cry" he cooed. I felt better with him beside me. I missed my brother so much.

"Im so sorry Hayden... Im so sorry" I said through my falling tears.

"Theres nothing to be sorry about. Whats wrong?"  
Nothing to be sorry about? He had no idea.

We sat in silence until I stopped crying. He had gone into the kitchen and made me some tea to calm this tear feast.

"Want to talk about it now?" he asked.

I nodded slightly. "Alex was on tour with me" I started. Which I didn't have to say much because he understood. The rest of the afternoon I told him everything that had happened and why I ran.

"Sounds like you two are still in love" He smirked

"Love? Hayden, he used me!. This whole time he was just using me and then he....we had a fight on moms anniversary. I mean he doesn't know that shes gone but how could someone who loves you do that? If he loved me he wouldn't push me away. I just... I don't know"

"You just said it yourself. He doesn't know. Why didn't you just tell him?"

"Because I don't want his sympathy. I didn't want him to worry and let it get in the way of his career. Why do you think I left him in the first place?"

"Sis, I don't get you sometimes" Hayden shook his head.

"You loved him since you were younger. Just because I was younger doesn't mean I didn't see it. Both of you were in love. You running and pushing him away was stupid. Everyone knew it, but you don't let people in. You never have. He may have done all this to you all tour but you did it to him before. Now you turn around and want him? He's probably so confused."

" I just couldnt stop myself. I thought that this time it would be different."

He was right, the way Alex was treating me was exactly what I had done to him. Dragged him along when I knew how he felt. Sad thing was , I loved him so much. I was just afraid to get in the way of the band.

"Whats done is done. Im tired of fighting with him and I don't want to ever see him again"

Hayden let out a sigh and shook his head. He knew I wasn't going to change my mind. That this was me just being stubborn.

"Well aunt Karen will be home from work soon. I suppose we should start dinner"

I followed him into the kitchen and we both went to work on making dinner. I don't know how long I was going to stay here, so I might as well make a damn good meal for our Aunt.

"Hayden! Im home" My Aunt called from the front as she came in and took off her shoes and hung up her jacket.

"Dinner smells great" She Walked in the kitchen and stopped. My stomach was twisting inside. I wasnt sure how she would react.

"Well your home early from tour" Her voice was neither mad or happy.

" I just wanted to come visit"

She walked in closer to the stove, taking off the lid of the pot on the burner and taking in the aroma.

She placed the lid down and turned to me.

" Well it's nice for you to drop by" She smiled and continued to walk through to the living room, were my brother was playing his game and stopped.

"Its just sad that it takes a boy to make you come running back home" She said from the other room. I took in a sharp breath and let my body fall against the counter. My eye gaze fall to my feet and my lower lip began to tremble.

A soft hand came and wiped the fallen tear from my cheek and lifted my chin. My aunt gave me a  motherly smile and pulled my into a hug.

"I.." I tried to speak but my words were cut.

"Shh. My darling. You dont have to speak." She stroked my hair and let me cry in her arms. My Aunt was like a mother to me after mine had passed. She knew i worked and traveled as much only to try and make money to support my brother and I. She knew me, how  i worked. How hard it was for me to cry and show my weak side. But every strong person needs to just let everything off their chest in order to gain their strength back.

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