Chapter 4

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This chapter is dedicated to Niher she my best friends followed by my other best friends. But she help me come up with this story so. I LOVE U NIHER (as a friend lol)

So here's chapter 4 hope u love it :)

Chapter 4

Harrys POV

After i just told her i love her she just walks away like that. Yes i agree i did hurt her but it was all her fault. Why doesn't she see i really love her. i got into my car and drove off.

"Fucking bastard" i said grabbing louis collar and shoving him against the wall

" What the hell is wrong with you bro" he asked

" You know what i am talking about" i said through gritted teeth

" No i don't okay, can you god damn tell me why you are mad at me" he said confused

" Listen, Demi is my mine, she is my girl, no body owns her except me" i said and punching him in his face and he fell and i kicked his stomach and his face.

I took his phone.

Demi POV

I was making my self a sandwich when my phone went off

From- Private #
Hey babe

To- Private #
Who is this?

Not even a minute later the person replied

From- Private #
I am picking you up in 30 minutes wear something nice- Harry.xx

I changed the name in my phone and i ran upstairs to get dress. I looked at the time and it was 7:30. So harry will be here at 8.

I took a quick shower and straighten my hair and wore some shorts with a burgundy crop top and some white sandals and i out foundation on and some mascara. I looked in the mirror and i looked decent and i looked at the time and it was 7:59 and i heard a honk outside and i knew it was Harry.

I walked outside and there stood Harry leaning against his white range rover looking hotter than ever. What stop it Demi!!!

" Hey baby" he said kissing my cheek

" Hey" i said and he opened the passenger seat door and i got in and he ran around the car to the drivers seat. Harry pulled up in front of this really nice and expensive looking Italy restaurant.

We got out of the car and Harry took my hand and we walked into the restaurant.

" Reservation for Styles" harry said and a sweet tiny blond girl lead us into this dinning room place filled with rich looking people. We got the seats by the windows and we sat down.

"Can i start you guys off with drinks" the same girl said

" Yeah, can i have a Peacock Tonic" Harry said

" Um a Pepsi for me" i said

Harry gave me this why Pepsi look.

" I don't drink so i order my typical" i said nervously

The waiter came back with our drink and we took sips

" And what would you like to order" the waiter said

" Two garden salads with grilled chicken and Cesar sauce" Harry said

What the fuck, how does he know what i want. But oh well.

" So tell me about yourself love" he said

" I am a only child my dad walked out on us when i was little and my favorite song is Unconditionally by Katy Perry and my favorite movie is Cinderella" i finished with a smile.

" What about you" i asked nervously

" Well, i have a sister and my mum and i am a bad ass and my hobby is sex" he said

" Seriously but what ever" i said

" Are you in a gang" i asked

I could tell he is tensing up by my questions.

" I wouldn't call it a gang, yes i am" he said causing me to shift uncomfortably in my seat.

" Have you ever killed someone" i asked again

"Here's your orders any thing else babe" the other waiter said and he was kinda cute

" No she doesn't want anything else" Harry snapped

" How would you know that sir, you are not niher head now are you" the boy said

Harry got up and clenched his fist. I mouthed walk away to the waiter and he left. I looked at Harry and he looked like he was going to hurt someone. I started shaking and my heart was beating starting going faster.

" Can you excuse me" i said getting up

"where the fuck are you going" he snapped

" to the restroom" i said

i walked off.

Harry's POV

"can you please check if the girl that was just sitting here is okay, she is in the restroom" i said to the waitress

" okay sir" she said walking off

i sat there on my phone, texting my sister

"sir, im sorry but there is nobody in the bathroom" the waitress said with a smile. Why the fuck is she smile, this is serious you dumb bitch i said in my head. I dropped 50 bucks on the table and left.

Where the fuck could that bitch be. I ran to the back of the restaurant and there was the Demi sitting on the floor in a ball.

Demi POV

He killed somebody. I just had to get out of there and just get away from him as soon as possible. I made it out the window of the restroom and i was about to run but my legs wouldn't move so i just rolled up into a ball.

"Demi are you okay" i hear him

Ignored I'm hoping i was dream and my mind was just playing tricks on me. I felt his hand on my hand and i looked up i stared shaking.

" Baby, don't be scared" he said

" Please don't hurt me"
I pleaded

"I won't hurt you i promise" he said with a straight face, i looked at his face and sadness was written all over it.

"Demi please don't be scared of me" Harry said

I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. I didn't care at that moment that he had killed someone or he is in a gang or that he could hurt me and the list of things he could do.

I just felt safe in his arms.

I think somebody named Demi has a crush. But who knows the whore kissed Louis and nows shes hugging Harry. What a whore i know right. LOL!

Do you guys think shes falling for Harry?

Or should louis fight back for his so call women or just let Harry have her?

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~Mrs. Styles

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