What i want?

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"Roza." Dominik turned to me, his body lost all its tension. "Are you okay?"

I couldn't say anything, I just stood there staring at him. How could there be such a person as Giovanni?! Its just unbelievable that someone could be so messed up!

With concern painting his face, Dominik reached for me. Out of instinct I flinch causing him to pull back and give me some space which wasn't what I wanted. Stepping forward I placed my forehead to his chest fighting the urge to cry loudly. Despite my wishes hot tears ran down my burning cheeks.

"I'm sorry you had to be put in such a situation." He whispered pulling me into a warm embrace. I don't know why but being held by him made me feel safe, as if nothing could touch me. I wanted to feel this always. I had never realized how much I wanted someone else until now. I had always thought I would be fine alone, that no one could see past my walls or be able to knock them down. Giovanni had almost completely knocked down my walls, he almost broken me. But here Dominik came and put them back together, then carefully climbed over them. "I was careless and hadn't noticed you were gone. I hadn't noticed that Giovanni had gone after you. I thought you were with Kana so I didn't think anything of it until I realized you weren't with her."

"Thank you!" I sniffled, trying to stop my tears. "And I'm sorry you had to come and save me. I hadn't expected this to happen."

"Don't apologize!" He chuckled. "You have nothing to apologize for!"

"I just-" I didn't know what to say. I wasn't used to such kindness. I wasn't used to someone protecting me or taking care of me. Dominik was unlike anything I've ever seen or imagined!

"Am I missing something?" Came a familiar voice. We both turned to see Kana standing by the hallway that led to where her work was being showcased. She was smiling like a child. Realizing what she meant I jumped out of Dominik's arms. Quickly I fixed my dress and dried my cheeks.

"No, nothing." My face burned with embarrassment. No doubt she gotten the wrong idea from what she just saw. What that had been was a man comforting a emotionally unstable woman, that's all...

"We'll be there in a minute." Dominik chimed. Nodding with a wicked grin she left us alone.

"Are you okay to go back in there? I can take you home if that's what you want?" He picked at my hair fixing it to his liking.

"Home?" I looked up at him confused.

"Yes, home. My house is your house now." He chuckled. "What would you like to do?"

No one has ever asked me what I wanted before. I have never had a home I actually liked or belonged in. Dominik made me feel wanted for the first time in my life and it almost brought me to tears but I refused to let them fall.

"I want to stay. I want to support Kana." I said taking a deep breath. This is what I wanted.

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