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Pen Your Pride

Ch 4

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Harry pov


I grabbed the phone for like the twentieth time today to try and figure the password, but it rejects it another time.

I wait a minute until I try my 21 attempt.

I slide my finger on the screen and I form this symbol that looks like a question mark.

It unlocks.

I start scrolling through searching through the apps. While going through I see a reminder.

It wrote 'Listen to CDs'.

I scroll a little more down and see photos. 'Now were talking,' I think to myself. I are many folders. I just need to find a picture of the owner. Maybe I will recognize them.

I click on the first folder that was titled 'my life'.

I scroll to just find a bazillion picture of musical instruments and equipment . I look through more and still lack finding one pic of the cell phone owner.

There has to be a way to contact this person.

I gave up looking through pictures and went back to looking at apps.

I see interesting apps to just plain stupid apps. Like who needs an app called 'Starbucks Locator.' I think that's when you know you have a problem. If I meet this person I definitely need to help this with this addiction.

I scroll more until I come across an interesting app it is called 'google,' I tapped on it.

I felt very interested in just solving the mystery of who this person is. This mystery was killing me. I wanted to solve it so I could get back to my normal life.

I looked at the last search and it was for directions from some house to our recording studios. Maybe this was a fan. I wrote down the address of the house then pulled out my laptop and looked it up.

Alex's pov


I've been at my house all day listening to the albums. I only made it through three. Every time I started getting through Midnight Memories I couldn't focus on the song. I kept thinking of what they could be doing with my phone. like what if they go and tell the world my secret or what if they try and blackmail me for a good review. The thought is driving me crazy. No, I am passed crazy it is seizing me mad, insane. I probably have already surpassed the mad hatter. The mad hatter would probably be concerned for me.

I think even my little American shorthair kitten is nervous about me. She is is a calico.

I keep watching as her head moves up and down with the beat of my furious tapping.

She is a bit if a musical kitty. She loves to be near me in some way when I am playing music or just listening to it.

I watch as she looks up from me, and stares at the couch. She looks up and jumps on my lap. She starts to rub her head on my shirt. She is trying hard to calm me down. I pick her up give her a light squeeze and set her down.

I get of the couch and go downstairs to get to my wine cellar. I just need to drink the worry away.

Harry's pov


I get off my computer after printing directions to this house.

I walk down my stairs, and see Niall.

"Oh, it's you Niall. I forgot you were here. I will be going out soon. You can stay or leave. Just do whatever you want. I will be back soon."

"Okay bye Harry."

With that I left my house.

I hopped into my car and started driving. It was not to far away from me. I was just annoyed with the constant turn left and turn right. This is why I hate GPS.

At last I reached my destination. I know iI'm here because the GPS told me over twenty times.

I think when I get home I am throwing this thing in the trash.

I walk up the doorsteps and ring the doorbell. I here a paint "coming." I wait for a minute then I see the door creek open.

I look and see this lovely looking bird. II've never seen someone's eyes sparkle that bright. I stop gawking and realize she us kinda wobbling.

She gives me this glare and slurs a bit saying "what do you want buddy?" she giggles a bit. but before I can she passes out. Likely from high alcohol consumption.

I yell through the door, "hello anyone in the house. Your friend is passed out."

After hearing no response I pick her up and enter the house, making sure to lock the door behind me.

I start going on a quest to find her room.

After opening many doors, I find a door with a bed in it. I gently set the girl down.

Just as I am about to set the girl down her small hand grabs a small hold in my shirt. Since she was passed out I didn't want to wake her.

Do to this I slid her over a but and laid down next to her.

I didn't realize until that moment how tired I was. I felt my eyes droop until they were completely closed. All that could be heard was the steady heartbeat of our hearts and still then it remained faint, and with that I eventually fell asleep.


I know I have not been posting much I hope this makes up for it. I will work harder at posting more. Thanks for reading my lovelies.

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