Faith & Niall

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"Dammit, Niall! I never wanted any of this, for any of my friends!" I cried, throwing the newspaper down angrily and crossing my arms over my chest, as tears of anger started to crawl their way out of my eyes. Niall ran his hand through his flat hair, his face looking tired and angry. 

"Faith," He started, "You knew what the deal was. You said it didn't matter what they printed about you-"

I cut Niall off with a loud, sarcastic bark of laughter. "Oh right, because insulting my friends is the same as insulting me." I cried, tears now flowing freely down my cheeks. Niall, who had refused to look me in the eye until now, glanced momentarily directly at me, but I looked away instantly. "I'm sorry." He said quietly, moving towards me to try and hug me, but I turned away and stalked off to the kitchen. 

Niall gave a yell of frustration, and came after me. 

"Faith, don't be like this!" He yelled, grabbing my wrist and forcing me to face him. 

"Like what, Niall? Like what? Don't be angry at the fact the entirety of public media is having a go at my friends, because they attended a rowdy university party? What if I'd gone, huh? What if I'd gone, and they were also having a go at me for having fun? Would you stand for it?" I screamed, wrenching my wrist from his grasp.

Niall's eyes darkened, as I raised my hands to push him away from me, and he grabbed them, tightly. 

He pushed himself so forcefully onto me I found myself sandwiched between Niall and the countertop behind me. He dipped his head slowly, lustfully down to my neck, and gently grazed his teeth up until he reached my ear. I was shaking ever so slightly, as Niall swallowed and whispered, "You don't really want to push me away, do ya, Faithy?" He was practically purring, and my knees nearly gave way.

"No." I muttered, quietly as I could. 

"Sorry? Didn't quite catch that." He said lowly, with a playful edge to his tone of voice.

"N-no, I don't." I said, a little louder. Niall smirked, and moved his lips closer and closer to mine.

"I'm sorry I shouted." I murmured, as our lips brushed together.

"I'm sorry too." Niall said, a little louder, but he never moved away. "I do understand why you got so angry. But they can handle themselves, its not your job to take care of them."

He grabbed my bum, and pulled me inpossibly closer to him, as he finished, "However, it is my job to take care of you."

I smiled, as he thwarted his lips onto mine, tongue in straight away. 

We stayed like that for a few seconds, before the front door to our flat burst open, and all four other boys came tumbling in.

"Ew, that's disgusting."

Zayn's voice.

"Never seen that side of him."

No, Liam, why would you have seen it?

"Why is he holding her butt like that?"

Oh Harry, like you've never made out with a girl like this.


I smiled into the kiss, supressing my laughter at Louis' remark, and within seconds the boys were gone out the door again. Niall pulled away to make sure they were gone, before hoisting me up, and wrapping my legs around his waist. 

"Shall we continue?" He asked, a cheeky smile on his face.

I replied by kissing him again, hard.

We could never stay mad at each other.


No. 19 in the series!

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