The 2 Visual Jutsus

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We was doomed. My arm was cut in multiple places. All over my body blood was gushing out. All this time he managed to keep me away from my sword.

I started forming hand seals.

He outstretched his hand.

"Gale Style Laser Circus." He yelled.

"Fire Style Fireball Jutsu!" I yelled.

Our jutsus clashed together. They turned into smoke.

"Gale Style Black Hunting." Eric said.

The jutsu started off with with something like Gale Style Laser Circus. The rods came flying at me and hit me everywhere from head to legs to arms. Then the lasers formed a tiger or maybe another panther. I was getting tired of panthers at this time.

It hit me with massive power. I fell to the ground bleeding horribly.

"I have no such decency like that." Eric said. He drew his sword. I managed to grab mine. He charged and I kick him and once again we used jutsus that clashed together. More smoke. Just great.

I used that to my advantage. I grabbed my sword and swung at Eric.

My most regretful move. I had no idea were I slashed but he hit the wall.

When the smoke cleared I almost had a heart attack. Eric laid crumpled to the floor. His arm was missing and his sword was across the room shattered. He was cut all over the place and part of the wall was crushing him.

"Sophia... don't blame yourself for this." Eric said weakly.

"But it is my fault!" I said crying.

"No it isn't i did this on purpose." Eric said.

"Then why?"

"Because I know what will happen. I have talked to a fortune teller."

"When and why kill itself over that?"

"Not to long ago and because this will make a difference in the final battle. Trust me."

"You could have been saved! The battle wasn't lost yet! We could have managed to win and you could have lived? So why?"

"Listen well. Use your medical ninjutsu. Take my right eye. My dad was a Hyuga. I have two kekki genkai. Gale Style and the visual jutsu byakugan. Take it. It will only work while I am alive. That will give you the best advantage."

I managed to do as he asked.

I decided to put my eye back in his head so it wasn't that weird. Besides we're else do I put my eye? I doubt I am suppose to put it in my pocket.

I helped them drag his body away. They would rush him to the hospital ASAP.

I went back up to the top. I walked over to Jason fell to my knees and sobbed as he tried to make me feel better.

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