Chapter Two

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"You don't deserve life." Where is this coming from. That's been on my mind since when I woke up. I'm rocking back and forth. "You don't deserve life."

"Go away!" I yell out. Hoping the voice stops. The voice just keeps repeating. I stand up, off my bed, and try to walk. Everything is spinning and I clutch my hair. Trying to steady myself. I run into walls. I don't know where I am going, all I know is that I just saw my father looking at me, knife in hand, like always.

"YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!" The voice repeats louder. This time a female. I can't breathe and I scratch at my neck. Trying to get the imaginary hands off my neck. My father can suck the life out of my mother but not me. I fall to the ground. Everything is blurry and turning.

"Leave me alone." I say weakly. I can't handle it anymore. I put my hands over my ears, but I still hear the voices, and I try to walk to the bathroom. I crash into everything. I find the bathroom and pull out my razor. Hopefully one cut will make the voices and pain go away. I can't handle it. I slide the blade across my arm and watch the blood trickle out. Surprisingly, the voices do go away and I can go back to sleep.


"They are here for you my dear" Mrs. B states. I really do hate when she fakes the niceness, but I so believe we have been through this before.

"If you shut up, maybe I can pack before the day is over." And that's when I take my last look outside my window and see my brothers body outside. His head is smashed and blood is drizzling down. I look to the left and see in blood, "Your safe for now."

"Get down here you young missy!" Hey, it's the mean lady from yesterday. Just splendid.

"Calm your tits lady!" Geez, I hate impatient people. Although I am rather impatient myself.

I walk down the stairs and see the lady and man in business attire. This is weird.

"Hello, I'm Charles and this is my assistant Emily." He said with a fake smile. I can tell what fake is and what real is.

"Hello, my name is Emerald." I replied back with the same face.

"Follow me." He said. I followed Charles outside to a limo. Okay, so this is fairly weird.

"You have been adopted to the zone Direction boys." Emily said through gritted teeth as I took in the limo's interior. Smooth dark leather and a sun roof. This is cool."The boys are taking you in to learn to be more mature. So I apologize in advance. We are their management and need to make sure they have a good image."

" I have never heard of One Direction. So please elaborate."

"Well," This time Charles speaking," It is a boy band that originated from X-Factor. There are five boys. Louis, the oldest, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry, the youngest."

"Louis will be your guardian. You will be attending school at Angels Academy. Since you are thirteen. We have bought you a phone and laptop. Please use them wisely." Emily said in a monotone voice.

"We are here!" The driver yelled back. I don't know his name, so for now it is Bob.

The house I stand in front of is huge. Scratch that ginormous. We started walking towards it, and then I saw the five boys. I've got to say, they are very young. Not old enough to take care of me like a real parent. This could be interesting.

"I'm Niall." Said one of the boys. He has a really cute Irish accent. I like it. He also has obviously bleached hair.

"Zayn." Said the next boy, with a small curt nod. He has dark black hair and tattoos a plenty.

"Hello, I'm Harry." This boy has slightly curly hair and piercing green eyes.

"Hello love, I am your guardian, Louis." Louis was wearing a beanie and has brown hair and bright blue eyes. His eyes remind me of my mother's and Harry's remind me off my own

"And lastly, I'm Liam. If you follow me I will take you to your room." This boy looked very nice and like a big teddy bear.

"Hold on a sec guys. Let me get my bag."

"Oh, we will have someone take it for you." Louis replied.

"No,no, no. That's okay. I got." I answered too quickly. I just can't let anybody see my razor in there. And my boxing tape. That would be bad. Did I mention that I fight? Probably not.

"Okay.." Harry said looking at me in an unsure manner.

"Don't look at me like that!" Geez people these days.

"You will not yell at any of us!" Louis yelled, looking pissed. He dragged me inside the huge house and took me to the family room and sat on the couch. He pulled me onto his lap. With me on my stomach.


"Aaarrrggg! Father get away! Enough for tonight!" My father approached me with his empty beer bottle in hand.

"YOU DONT DESERVE LIFE!!" My father yelled at me while throwing the bottle at me.

I sit on the floor rocking, covering my eyes and my ears. "Go away! Please go away!" I know tears are running down my face, but I don't notice anything. My vision is too powerful. I can't get it to stop. Suddenly, I feel a hug. I look up to see Zayn.

"Shhhh. It's okay. It's all okay. Nobody is going to hurt." Zayn continues to coo to me. I snuggle into his chest. All I remember is falling asleep in his arms.

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