2: My Normal

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“Ugh, I said get up!” A voice came shrieking at me as well as a pillow being hurtled.

“Jesus,” My groggy voice was barely heard. “Katelyn, I told you I don’t have to be up until 6:45.”

Katelyn jumped onto my bed causing a loud squeaking noise.

“Well guess what sister? Its 7:10, you’re late.”

I mumbled some slurred swears while pushing her off my bed and running to my closet. There was no time to pick out an outfit let alone shower! I quickly shoved my legs into jeans, put a sweater over my head, and brushed my blond hair into a pony tail.

I raced down the stairs to my kitchen. My mother was waiting by our table, her eyes glued to the TV screen.  My sister sat with her new ‘boyfriend’ Aiden, eating and whispering with small giggles. The television showed the image of a burning house and a family who looked devastated.

“The poor Rivers,” My mother sighed shaking her head at the TV. Yes, poor is exactly how I would describe the richest people in this town. It had been four days since the fire, yet it was still the only thing covered by the news.

“Repairs are going well,” A news woman now took center screen, “luckily only one side of the house was truly damaged.”

“What a shame…” Mother finished her thought.

“Yeah, what a shame the whole house didn’t cave in.” I thought my statement was under my breath, however Katelyn’s attention wondered over to me, giving a slight glare. She had always been so admiring of the Rivers. I’m sure because all she wanted was to be one of them. She had dated their older son, Grant, in her junior year of high school. Needless to say he dumped her and she’s been heartbroken since. Now Grant Rivers was off at Harvard, and my sister was still at home, taking a gap year, or two.

“Grace! What are you still going here?” My mother’s attention was now on me instead of the Rivers. I looked over at the clock, 7:24 it read.

I was greeted by harsh November air as soon as I had stepped foot outside. Sudden goose bumps ran up my arms and legs. The only problem with my car is that it doesn’t have heat. So, my situation was not ideal. I hugged my coat closer to my body, but I still could not find the warmth I craved.

“Hey Grace,” A voice came from behind me. Derek was lounging in his car with the window down, looking at me directly. “You need a ride?”

The last thing I wanted was pity from a rich boy. “No, I’m fine thanks.”

“Really, its 30 degrease out, and I have a heater,” His tone was not bragging, It was an ‘I know you want it’ tone.

I finally gave in; my body telling me it could not stand the cold. The passenger door flew open and I was invaded by warmth.

The rest of the way we were silent. Neither one of us had the courage to speak first. Talking about the fire would be a sore subject. I mean what do I do? Ask how it is living in toasted house, a bon-fire of a building. No, that was not casual at all. I could ask about his random babbling, telling me the fire was all his fault. What the hell did that mean? The silence was getting almost ridiculous.

“So what is this?” I asked, finally speaking.

“What do you mean?” His eyes stayed on the road unwavering to the sudden break of new conversation.

My voice got louder in hopes to draw attention, “I mean, our families have been living next to each other for 15 years and only now are you offering me a ride.”

He shrugged slightly, “I feel like being nice to the person who is so kindly keeping information to herself.”

“Oh, so this is a bribe for me to keep my mouth shut!” Oh course it was. No one like Derek would ever want to spend time with me if he didn’t have to. My eyes rolled to the back of my head before realizing I was better than this, “You don’t need to pay me off I won’t say anything”

“That’s nice of you doll face, but I just don’t believe that.” He pulled into the school parking lot. Once into park, he turned to look at me for the first time and leaned in, staring me down to the point where I felt too revealing.

My eye brows rose, “Fine, you don’t have to believe me. Besides I don’t even know what you’re hiding, I’m not even interested!” I opened the door slamming it as I got out. He did the same. “Thank you for the ride.” The sarcastic monotone of my voice rung threw the silence. He just stood there and let me walk away without another word in his defense.

I hurried to my locker knowing I only had a few minutes until the bell would ring. Gathering my things, a familiar brunette walked over to me.

“Grace! Where were you? You never picked me up!” Julia Rice stood before me. She looked as beautiful as ever with her hair in a firm top not. Julia is my best friend, and has been since we were about 7. The only difference is we ran in different circles. Julia is popular; she hangs out with the football players and those girls who only care about looks. She isn’t like that though. Julia is the only person who I can just get crazy with and watch old Disney shows. She isn’t afraid to be different and I guess that’s why everyone likes her so much. She still isn’t ashamed of having me as a friend, even though I’m the kind of girl who spends weekends doing homework and watching TV.

“Damn, sorry I forgot.” My hand hit my forehead as I remembered that I was supposed to pick Julia up for school. “Uh, Derek drove me.”

“Derek Rivers?” She pulled a confused look, leaning against the lockers with her arms crossed. “Since when is that a thing?”

“It’s not a thing Julia, he was just being nice.” The words felt wrong coming out of my mouth, however I couldn’t lead on that something was wrong with Derek, she would insist to know more, she was dating his best friend after all.

“Whatever you say,” she shrugged looking away sarcastically, “I know you think he’s hot.”

“You’re delusional! The only thing he is, is a snob.” It was a dream of Julia’s to have another couple to go on double dates with her and Ian. It made perfect sense to her that Derek and I should work. I’m Julia’s best friend and Derek is Ian’s best friend. However, Julia was oblivious to social standards, even Ian won’t talk to me. So no matter how hard she pushed Derek on me, I knew it would never happen, and I don’t want it to! On that note I shut my locker and Julia and I walked to first block.

The day was soon over and I felt myself longing to be in bed and watching Netflix. Weekends were great for that one purpose. But, as usual, Julia had it in her head I was going to join her at a party on Saturday. No. Way. In. Hell.

I opened my locker to collect my books and a small slip of paper came gliding out. Picking up this small note my heart stopped for a second as I read over the contents.

               6:30, Ivory Park


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