So I was reading a story by orgastic called how to be a girl and I got side track but also it's a really good read. I'm reading her other story called Goliath. It's pretty dope as well.


As we make our way to the gym, I look up at the decorations. Lilly had really out done herself this year. There were balloons the formed into intertwining hearts, twinkling lights, silk flower petals softly falling at the entrance, and paper heart shaped chandeliers.  She even had a heart shaped fountain with floating candles in the middle of the floor. Good thing our gym was practically stadium big or it would look cluttered.

On the right side of the room I could see the buffet line and Simon standing next to the pastry table he was dressed up in his pirate costume from Halloween. Next to him I saw a young woman in skimpy black cocktail dress. I narrowed my eyes focusing in her. It was Brittany! He still took her after all that had said to him this afternoon. He clearly didn’t care about my feelings at all. I watched Brittany feed Simon a cookie. He grinned widely at her only making the raging sickness bubble inside me.

I felt Sebastian tug on my hand eager to get the dance floor. He’s sort like a toddler trying to get to the swings, so eager and impatient. I can see all eyes were on him and who could blame them he looked striking as Gatsby. If he was to be here with any other girl I would have felt a ping of jealousy, but he was here with me.

 For a minute I just watched him jump around and be generally silly. I looked around it was apparently contagious, because girls and guys around started jumping around throwing their hands up and swaying their body to the rhythm. I threw back head and laugh as I joined in the fun. I could see Lilly and Brad dancing their way through the crowd of people. Well more like Lilly was dancing and dragging Brad along with her. Lilly’s eyes went wide as she looked at Sebastian, almost bulging out of her skull.

“Oh my goodness. No wonder you wanted to keep him a secret he is unbelievably gorgeous.” Lilly yelled over the music. She had completely let go of Brad’s hand, batting her lashes at Sebastian. I think in that moment she forgot she was with Brad, but Brad didn’t seemed to upset. He actually nodded agreeing with Lilly outburst. I felt Sebastian wrap his arms around my shoulders giving me as kiss on the cheek. Lilly and Brad awed and cooed. I knew then I was blushing like mad.

“Sebastian I would you like to meet my best friend Lilly Kurtz and her boyfriend Brad O’Connor.” Lilly waved her hand, Sebastian being the suave debonair man he is placed a kiss on the back of her hand. Lilly face flushed a bright red as she giggled uncontrollably. Sebastian shook Brad’s hands and gave simple nod.

Right on cue Rory started waving at us ushering us to the table, where she and River were sitting. River keeping his sour disposition took another swig of his drink. I had to assume he was down alcohol because the idea of spending a night with his sister was that repulsing. When we reached the table, Rory’s mouth nearly hit the floor.

“That’s Sebastian?” she squealed squeezing my shoulder.

I nodded biting my bottom lip. I heard River snort, both Lilly and Rory shot him a deathly glare.

“Sebastian I would like you to met Rory Kingsley, my best friend since second grade and her date River Lascher.” I chimed as Sebastian kissed Rory’s hand just he had done with Lilly. River gave a simple nod then took another long swig.

“Have you seen Nathan and Cali anywhere?” I ask searching the room for any sign of Cleopatra and Anthony costumes. Rory shook her head.

“They should’ve been here by now.” I sighed.

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