Christmas eve

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A/n hey I'm back so to recap ur memories nobody is married and nobody has children it was all just Maryse's dream so..... Yea enjoy!😘

Niall POV so Maryse and I made a decision to spend Christmas and new year at my parents house in Ireland, Maryse hasn't seen Theo in about 3 months and Theo loves Maryse and Maryse loves Theo. so I can't wait to see my dad every time I go to Ireland he's always not in Ireland.

Maryse POV so we just landed in Ireland and Niall would not stop annoying me in the plane, so Bobby came and picked us up from the airport and brought us to their home also niall's (but u get the point) so Greg and Denise were there and niall mom put me in the tightest hug EVER that I couldn't breathe since I've Been in New York with my new movie I didn't have much time to go visit niall's family in Ireland. I heard laughter come from the kitchen that I knew it was niall with Theo so I went to the kitchen to see Denise and hug her, but a little baby kept crying when he saw me a made grabby hands so I can hold him, niall didn't want to give him but I had to tickle him to give me Theo.

-2 hours-

( sorry it's Christmas Eve)

So been about two hours and I was still with Theo he didn't want to go with anyone not even niall or his parents so Denise gave me his food and I had to feed him and he doesn't want to go with anyone only me and niall is so pissed that I don't give him he's nephew and I tried to give Theo to niall but he just grabbed my shirt and hold to dear life .

Niall POV so I want to hold Theo but he doesn't want to go with me or his parents he missed Maryse a lot more than we all thought.

Tbc- hope u enjoyed it love u keeping voting 😍😘

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