10 - After Math

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I heard Josephine yell something at Charles and then a door slam as I walked away from the unpleasant scene. I ruffled my curls and wiped my wet cheeks and the back of my hand. There were so many horrid things I could've said...some I had never even thought about saying as I am a Christan girl. Christan girls usually don't even go to this school.

The sun set just above the school and clouds seemed to darken.

I walked my normal route to my house. At least what I remember about getting home.


Sounds foreign. As if...no. Never. He was right but that doesn't mean anything. I hope Peter remembers to take his medicine and Felix to read for his biology project. Or Diamond to remember to fix breakfast for them. Or atleast to tell the chef to cook or kill...whatever they do to - maybe I should use my monstrosity of a gift on that precious friend of mine. Make her pay.

Make her pay for her ugly and terrible lies.

I'm already a monster as it is.

Why not?

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