Intro/ Chapter 1

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Cry x reader intro/ chapter 1

This is my first try at this shit. So... be nice. I'm trying but constructive criticism is perfectly good. This intro is mostly info you need to understand what I'm writing.

You know pewdiepie, and Marzia. You just graduated college with a degree in (what you want to go to college for). You have what the doctors call a multiple personality disorder, but you know that it's just the mad side of you. It's name is Mad Ness. (Hahaha. Madness... It's not that funny...) You also live in Florida. Well that's it I guess. You will find out more as the story progresses. I will hopefully update once a week. As I said hopefully. Now the first chapter...

 You are asleep when you get pushed out of bed be someone. "Who ever just pushed me out of bed is so fucking dead," you say menacingly. You get up to see Pewds slowly walking backwards toward the door. "Pewds I just graduated, and I need to sleep in so I'm not tired when I try to find a job. So... What the hell do you need," you ask angrily. "Um... I was going to invite you on a vacation to Sweden with me, Marzia, and a friend of mine," says Pewds a little unsure. "One, Who's  the friend and two for how long?" You ask. "Well we will be in Sweden for about a month, and the friend is a surprise," says Pewds excitedly. "Fine I'll come. Then I will try to find a job afterwards," you say.

 You get up and start packing. Pewds goes out into the living room. You pack several shirts, jeans, and a couple of dresses just in case. You put your suit case by the door and go find your medication for your 'multiple personality disorder' and see that there is a prescription taped to your medicine cabinet.

 "Pewds I need to go to the pharmacy," you say. "Ok I'll come with you." You sigh and grab your car keys as Pewds goes get in your (type of car). You get in and start it.

 You finally get you medication and go to the air port. You see Marzia and tackle her in a hug. "Hi Marzia. It's good to see you!" You say excitedly. "Finally, your excited," Pewds says. "Fuck off Pewds. So... who's your friend," you ask pointing at the man near Marzia. "I'm Ryan," the man says quietly. "Oh... I'm (first name). It's nice to meet you Ryan," you say with a bright smile. Ryan has a light blush on his cheeks and you smile wider. "So... lets go to the plane," says Marzia. "Kay!" You and Pewds say while Ryan nods.

 On the plane you get out your lap top, iPod and head phones. You start to play music and start typing up your resume. "Hey you said you wouldn't do that until after the vacation!" Pewds complains. "No I said that I wouldn't  find a job, not that I wouldn't type up my resume," you say calmly. "Ummm... fine you win but no trying to find a job," Pewds says somewhat seriously. "Marzia would you like to switch seats?" You ask sweetly since you don't want Pewds looking over your shoulder while your typing. "Um. Sure. Do you not want Felix to watch you type?" She says standing up. You switch seats and you are now seating with Ryan. "Yeah that and he might try to take my lap top to check YouTube," you say with a laugh. "Hey I said nothing about me not going on YouTube!" Pewds says angrily. "Um. Yeah. You did. You last video that you uploaded was you saying you will try to not post any videos or go on YouTube while on vacation due to a bet with Marzia," you say as a matter of fact. "Oh yeah and the loser has to post a video after the vacation," says Marzia. "What do they have to do?" Ryan asks. "It's a secret," Pewds and Marzia say at the same time. You then go back listening to (fave song) on replay. And hum along softly and smiling. 'Maybe this will be a fun vacation after all,' you think.

A/n: YAY first chapter done! My editor thinks this will be great and is giving me tips on how I should do cry in this. I only own the plot of this story... I wish I owned cry and/or Pewds but that would be slavery and that is unconstitutional. Bye! -_-

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