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Hailey's pov:

"Hailey" I replied. "Nice name". "Thanks I never liked it because it just sounds so girly". "No really I like it". After Felix said that a familiar voice boomed over the crowds and crowds of people. "Oh hello Ian" He said. Ian and I turned around to see who it was. It was Greg. "Long time no see". "Yeah I thought I would never see you again" Ian said giving a devilish smile. "So did I  after the way you acted the last time I saw you". Ian's face got serious. "Well how would you react if someone stole your girlfriend?"."I really wouldn't care Imogen is terrible...Im only with her for a certain reason" Greg said winking and nudging Ian. I stood there shaking my head in dismay. Greg's eyes shifted to me then he smiled. "Who's this gorgeous being?" he asked. I wasn't buying it I just crossed my arms and glared. Ian's face got red. Ian pushed me back a little behind him and said, "This is Hailey". "Hello" he said. "Hi" I said bitterly. Before he had a chance to say anything else Ian said "Okay well were going to go somewhere else"."Okay well were about to start a game of truth hour right now so if you would like to join you can". "Truth hour?" Ian questioned.

Ian's pov:

"Yeah it's like truth or dare but it's just truth, So we sit in a circle and ask each other questions and you have to give an honest answer" Greg said. "Oh".Greg walked away and I turned to Hailey." Thank you for coming" "No prob" She said. I smirked and said, "Hey guess what". "What?"."Im going to hug you like a stuffed koala and you shall like it". "Oh no the torture" She said in a weird voice and smiling. With that I gave her a really tight squeeze. She squealed and a few people looked at us. Dan (Danisnotonfire) walked past us and said, "Get a room". We stopped and stared at him as he kept walking surprised by his joke. We started laughing and I let go of her. I scratched my chin. I felt my somewhat beard I didn't shave and It reminded me. "Ugh sorry I didn't shave before I left I should have". "It's fine I like a little stubble" Hailey said. "Oh really?" I said giving a half smile and watching her blush. "Yeah but if it actual turns into a "real" beard then that's when it's no longer attractive". "Well no need to worry about that, It never gets that bad" I said smiling.

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