Chapter one.

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Mother always told me that Earth was a beautiful place to be

and that I should cherish every moment I spend here...

   But I always wonder...

...Is it?

Walking through the large doors of the high school, Kimura Naoki walked up to the crowd of girls and boys. Crowded around four large boards for classes. Naoki looked up at the board and saw she was in class 2A, and like usual, she only recognized a few names.

After a few moments, Naoki began walking to her classroom, past many students walking in crowds in the hallway, couples blushing, and the occasional trouble-maker. Making it to her classroom, Naoki slid the door open and saw the many students sitting on the desks and happily chatting about what had happened since the last time they saw one another. Naoki went to her desk and sat down, looking out the window and hoping for Sato-San to arrive.

When Sato-San did arrive, she called the roll and began class quickly and without a hitch. English was first, listening intently as she could, Naoki took notes like a good student and ignored those who weren’t paying attention. ‘I wonder what I will do after school...’  Wondered Naoki before she let her thoughts finally drift off to happier things.

When the day was finally over, Naoki left the classroom and walked out to the courtyard and sat on a bench, watching the rest of the school flourish on their way to their activities; track team, theater, basketball, baseball, chorus... Naoki wondered if there was any after school activity she should get involved with.

“Hey, you’re Kimura, aren’t you?” Asked a young girl, probably a sophomore. Her hair only hit her shoulder barely and was the color of spring grass, the girl’s eyes were the color of the spring dirt as well. Naoki nodded with a small nod and the girl gave a great grin, but there was confusion in her eyes.

“Why are you wearing your winter uniform so early?” Asked the girl before blinking and shaking like a lunatic for a moment. “Oh, oh! Sorry! My name is Suzuki Chiyasa, Chiyasa is spelt with the characters meaning one thouuuussanddd mornings!” Dragging out the word thousand and giving another big grin, then she freaked out one more time. “Oh, and I’m from class 2A as well!!”

Naoki looked at her, she was unsure of what to think of Suzuki and in slight shock of her age. Once more, she spoke out of the blue: “I am club leader of the gymnastics club! I wanted to know if you wanted to join? We’re scouting for members now!” Suzuki grinned again and waited before another girl, with long black hair and dark eyes ran up to her and said something about some of the freshman boys goofing off in the gymnastic’s room.

Suzuki turned to her and bowed before saying: “Sorry Kimura-san! I’ve gotta go, but if you’re interested, we’re in the gymnastic’s room. Drop by when you have time!” Then, Suzuki turned around and ran off with her friend to go scold the boys.

‘What an odd girl. But gymnastics? I always did like seeing it on television... Maybe I can give it a try too?’ Naoki thought to herself before she gathered her things and stood up, walking the direction Suzuki-san shot off towards the gymnastics room.

Reaching the gymnastics room, Naoki saw a bunch of gymnastics equipment, and for a moment she watched a girl on the balance beam. Her eyes soon were struck by the bright green hair of Suzuki, helping another team mate on the mat with a performance piece.

After a few moments, Naoki was pointed out to the the girls and Suzuki came rushing over, abandoning the other girl and met Naoki at the doorway along with the team sponsor. The sponsor was no other than Sato-san, the homeroom teacher of class 2A.

“Oh, hello Miss Kimura, have you gotten interest in our gymnastics team?” Asked Sato-San, when Suzuki piped up: “I recruited her! Did you decide you wanted to join Kimura-san?” She asked with a grin, the team leaving Naoki to speak for a matter of a few moments.

“I’ve never tried gymnastics before, but I’d really love to give it a go.” Naoki said, determination sparkled in her, usually dim, red-pink eyes. Waiting with her breath held, Naoki looked at the faces of all the girls on the team.

“It’s a lot of work Kimori-chan.” Sato-san said with a stern look in her eyes, looking at Naoki, then with a fond smile she finally exclaimed: “Welcome to the team Kimori Naoki of 2A. Work hard and have fun, that’s what the club’s about!”

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