One Moment

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One moment

I took a deep breath as a magnificent beauty entered the church hall.

She beamed her light hearted smile as she took her first few steps towards me.

I always thought that those books and movies were just being overrated.

I thought they just overdid the wedding scenes for entertainment value.

But now as I stood here waiting for her, I could tell, no author can ever describe what I feel right now.

A few minutes of waiting but I already feel anxious, excited or maybe a mixture of every emotion a normal human being can feel.

It is indescribable.

Another step, she's closer.

I remember the first time I saw her. Now, I wonder if I never talked to her that serendipitous day at my coffee shop.

One decision to approach her, to ask her.

One decision that only took a moment but changed a lifetime.

One decision was all it took to changed me.

I never realize I was loss until she found me.

That day, I know I was never been the same.

I smiled more often.

I learned how to understand another person.

I learned how to forgive and most importantly... I learn how to truly love someone.

The kind of love that is patient, never envious, forgiving and selfless.

I never knew all this until I have experience to love and so fortunate to be loved back.

Another step...

Her father shook my hands firmly.

He said nothing but his eyes told me I should take care of her precious princess.

I want to tell him that her daughter was the one that taught me how to be brave.

Not to be afraid.

To take the risk.

Erase my doubts.

And she taught me all of that through loving me.

One step... closer.

Before I knew it, she's right before my eyes.

I held her hands as we took our first step together.

I silently vowed that I would never let her go

The one that I would make my vow with.

The one that I would spend the rest of my life with.

The one that I didn't realize I have been wishing all my life to have.

I am not sure what would happen in the future.

But this moment is the one I would never regret no matter what.

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