Chapter 28

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Madelyn’s POV

            “Babe, are you sure you don’t want me to drop you off at school? Its practically on my way to work.” I knew he was just worried about me. It was cute, but it had been three weeks since we had seen my stalker. I had convinced myself he was gone, even though my brain told me he wasn’t.

            “Its thirty minutes the other direction.”  I laughed.

            “But I would still be happy to take you.”

            “Really, I’ll be fine. I have finals all day and then clinicals tonight though, so I won’t be home until 10.”

            “Okay, well when you get home we are going to have a nice dinner and celebrate you being done with school. And then we will celebrate in bed.”

            “Okay, baby. I’m out of here, wish me luck.” I gave him a quick kiss and rushed out the door.

            All three of my last finals were easier than I had expected. I breezed through them both and then headed to the union to grab lunch with three of my classmates. I hadn’t made many friends in school, mostly because people wanted to be friends with me just to get close to Justin. I had to be careful about who I did become friends with, but it was hard to get through clinicals without friends. In the last couple of months I had become friends with three girls who seemed to genuinely like me for all of the right reasons, not just because I was dating the most famous superstar in the world.        

            After lunch we headed to the hospital to do late night clinicals. Walking in the parking garage afterwards, I made a mental note to look for his car. It was no where to be seen. Finally, I thought, its over.

Justin’s POV

            “Justin!” Miles and Logan ran into the house, followed by the rest of Madelyn’s family who had just flown in for her graduation. I picked them both up and spun them around. Miles looked like a whole different kid, he had been in remission from cancer for six months now. His blonde hair had grown back and was past the peach fuzz stage so it looked normal. He had gained a lot of weight so he was almost as big as Logan now.

            “Okay, don’t pay any attention to your favorite sister who you don’t get to see very often.” Madelyn joked. The twins ran over to her to give her hugs.           

            “Hey guys!” Nathan came in carrying suitcases.

            “Hey Nathan!” I gave him a hug and then hugged Kate. “You guys can put your stuff in the guest house out back and then the kids can each have a room upstairs.

            “Perfect!” Kate said as she and Nathan headed outside to put their stuff down.

            “Alexis! Paige!” I gave them both hugs. “I haven’t seen you guys in forever! Look at how grown up you look!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had met these little girls when they were just eight and six, now they were fourteen and twelve and they had transformed into gorgeous young ladies. They both looked somewhat like Madelyn, tan, tall, thin and blonde.

Madelyn’s POV

            “Babe, you look gorgeous.” Justin kissed me. I was fully dressed in my graduation cap and gown. “I am so proud of you.” He kissed me again. I pretended not to notice that there was a whole group of paparazzi standing a couple feet away from us.

            “Thanks, but I have to run now.” I kissed him one more time and ran to line up with the rest of my class. The graduation was long and boring. For a graduating class of only forty-seven, it lasted entirely too long. But eventually it was over and we were headed back to the house to celebrate.

            “Thanks, Mom and Dad!” I yelled when I opened their present. They had given me a pink stethoscope and check to pay off all of my student loans from the last two years.

            “Now mine!” Justin handed me his card. Inside were two tickets to South Africa. “You’ve been saying how much you wanted to go help out and see the new schools we have built with Pencils Of Promise. So we are taking a fifth anniversary trip.”

            “Thanks, babe. I can’t wait.” I leaned across the table to give him a kiss. “Now I have exciting news to share.” I stood up.

            “I got a job at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles! I am officially a pediatric oncology nurse!”

            “That’s fantastic!” Everyone cheered and hugged me. I was excited. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was one of the most prestigious children hospitals in the country, and now I was going to be working there.

            I was so excited for this phase of my life to be over. I felt like college had been a lot longer than four years with everything that we had endured. From a miscarriage, to the break up, to Miles’ cancer, it had most certainly been a life changing four years.

            The next phase of my life though, I was sure, was going to be even more exciting. Justin and I would get married, eventually. Part of me was expecting a proposal on graduation day, but he probably wanted me to have a chance to celebrate. I had told him a long time ago I wanted to wait to get engaged until I was out of college, so now it was only a matter of time before Justin would propose. I needed to sit back and enjoy my life, and wait for the ring. I knew, sitting at the table with my family and Justin, that the best days of our lives were upon us.

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