My name is Delilah Reed , age 18 and I have 4 step siblings. (A/N: Delilah on the side.)

The oldest is my step brother Jake Newman, 18. Jake is very protective of us since he is the oldest. He is very troublesome but he is a very great guy.

The second oldest is me, 17

The third oldest is my other step brother Eddie Richards , 16. Very nice and also protective, quite smart and always likes to be right.

Then it's Alice Richards. Alice and Eddie are related by blood. Alice is not the typical 16 year old girl already wanting a boyfriend. She is very serious. Let's say we all had to grow up too soon.

And last is little Grace Newman. She is related by blood to Jake. Grace is so sweet and caring. At the toughest of situations she manages to put a smile. Grace is 6 and very mature...a bit.

How come I'm not relates to any of them?

My dad got together with my step mom a few years after my mom died giving birth to my little brother that I never got to know. My little angel, Edward. I remember my mom always saying how happy we would all be when he was born but she was wrong.

After she died my dad married a stripper. Gross I know. That's why Jake is the oldest and Grace the youngest. That lady has an on and off relationship with those men. They never at their dad's. I still miss my mom, I visit her tomb every now and then.

When I feel lonely I talk to her. Like she is really there. My mother was beautiful. Jake even told me once that I kind of looked her. Same blonde hair and brown eyes.

We live in a small 3 room apartment. I share a room with Alice and Grace and Jake and Eddie share a room. My dad and step mom are alcoholic. They spend all their money on beer and my step mom beats us up for no reason when she is drunk. My dad doesn't do anything but stare.

Today was a day they drink and later that night we all had enough of her abuse.

My step mom or Bethany came to our room. All us were watching t.v. in Jake's room.

"What do you want?" Jake asked.

"Don't talk to me like that I'm your fucking mother!" She yelled at him and then punched him in the eye leaving him a bruise.

"Grace go play your toys." I told her. I didn't want her to see us get hit by Bethany.

"You stay right here you brat. You deserve a punishment." Bethany yelled at her making her tense up.

"Don't yell at her like that!" I yelled defending Grace.

"Shut up!" Bethany said hitting me with her phone charger on my face making me bleed.

She started hitting is but when she was about to slap Grace o grabbed her arm. She tried to throw a punch at me but Alice stopped her.

"No one gives a fuck about you all. Just a waste of space." She told us. Bethany walked out.

"We have to get away from here." Jake said.

"What do you mean?" Alice asked.

"Away from here! She treats is like shit!"

"You're right. We should use the money Delilah and Jake saved for a little home." Eddie suggested.

"Yeah. Let's just grab a few clothing and necessary things. Carefully thought." Jake warned.

I was packing clothing that was in the best condition. I also packed a little necklace with a picture of my mom and I. Jake was right we did look a lot like each other.

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