Chapter 4

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My conscience is screaming don't do this, you're not ready for it. What will father say? It's okay, you can just move in with Luke. I'll have to get my stuff from home though. I can't take him there.

"Thanks for the ride!" Kat tells Luke as we drop her off at her house.

"No problem, pink hair!" He jokes.

She shuts the door and disappears into her house.

"Well that was fun," I say.

"Ready to go home?" He asks.

"Yes, I might have to go take a nap," I say, "I think I ate too many pancakes."

"I might join you," he jokes.

I make an invisible circle around myself, "This is my personal bubble and no one is allowed in it."

He laughs at my comment. As soon as we pull into the drive of Luke's double-story brick house I jump out of the car and in inside. He chases me inside and tackles me on the kitchen floor. He pins my arms down and brings his face closer to mine. I turn my head to the side and close my eyes. It's okay, everything is alright. Luke pecks me on the cheek and starts to tickle me. I try to push him off me, but he's six feet tall and all muscle.

"No!" I yell, "I'm gonna pee!"

"Not on my floor!" He yells back.

I squeeze out from under Luke and run down the hallway. I hear his footsteps behind me. As I turn to go I to his room he tries to grab me, but misses, so I close the door and lock it.

"Ha!" I yell through the door, "I win!"

There's no response. I open the door slightly and poke my head out, "Luke?"

He doesn't reply, so I look from side to side. Next thing I know a huge force knocks be to the ground and pins my arms to the sides of me. We both begin laughing and can't stop. After we contain ourselves Luke gets serious, "Why are you always nervous when you're around me?"

The question startles me. "Um," I say. We're still on the ground so I can't look away from his eyes, "It's nothing, please just, don't worry about me."

"But Cass, I want to help. Is it me?" He's so innocent, sometimes.

"No, it's not your fault,"I cross my heart with my finger, "I swear."

"Are you sure, because I can stay away if you need me to?" He offers.

I hold his face in my hands, I'm on the verge of tears, "It's just something that happened to me when I was younger, it's okay, I promise." I kiss him in exchange to get up.

"I just want you to know if anything is ever bothering you just come to me, I'll help you."

I gasp. How could I forget today's the day!? I have to go check in with my parents!

"I'm sorry," I say rushing around trying to find my shoes that were lost during our tussle, "I forgot I have to do something really quick today."

Luke jingles his car keys, "Let me give you a ride."

"No, no, it's not too far I'll be okay walking," I assure him.

I pull on a jacket I found, give Luke a quick kiss, and rush to my parents's home. I know that if I'm late there will be consequences. Consequences that I don't think I can take anymore.

I step up onto the porch of the hell house and ring the bell. My mother, Victoria, opens the door. "You're late," she says bluntly.

"I know! I'm sorry," I apologize, "I had to finish a project with my project parter for school."

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