First Encounter With Ryder Daniels

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  It was my first day of high school, and I was so nervous. I got over that very quickly. A very cheerful girl walked up to me, well more like skipped.

  "Hi I'm Amber." She is a very cheeky person. She has beautiful red hair that stands out paired with lovely blue eyes and the brightest smile I have ever seen.

  "Hi I'm Nichole" I mutter almost inaudibly because of how shy I am. I'm boring with my naturally black hair and my bright blue eyes and actually a really nice smile.

  "OMG best idea, you should sit with me and my friends at lunch." I am going to have a major headache, but atleast I found a friend. I hope she would be my friend anyways.

   "Nichole, Nichooollee, NICHOLE!!!!"I must have zoned out... oops.

  "I'm sorry what did you say?" My cheeks reddening out of embarrassment.

  "Do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch?" I was genuinely suprised by that. No one asks to eat lunch with me.

  "I would love to, that sounds awesome. I never really had friends in middle school." I say even more embarresed looking at the ground.

   "Really you seem really sweet, and not to mention your gorgeous." She just called me gorgeous that makes her a Victoria Secret model.

  I spoke my thoughts "If I'm gorgeous you're a Victoria Secret model." She blushed and looked down, i didn't think of her as the shy type.

  "What class do you have first?" She wad changing the subject,but I went along with it for her sake.

  "Science with... Anderson." Amber starting jumping up and down very excitedly, and she was attracting attention.

  "What's wrong? Calm down your getting us unwanted attention." I whisper shouted so no one would here.

"We have the same class I'm so excited!!!!" Yeah, i need to wear ear plugs around her but at least she talks to me.

  "Wait, what grade are you in?" She asks before I can reply.

  "I'm a freshman. Why? What grade are you in?" I was confused I thought she knew.

  "I'm a junior... she says trailing off as if she were thinking hard about something. Her face glows with understanding. must be really smart to be in my class." She almost sounds smug about it.

  We just walk in silence until were in the classroom with a lot of people starting at us. One person caught my eye and he looked away blushing.

  I smile at him and think he didn't notice until he looks back at me with a big smirk on his face. He's really cute and you can tell a lot of girls like him.

  He starts walking over to me but I didn't notice at first so of course I screamed when I noticed him standing a mere 6 inches from me. Same cocky smirk. -_-

  "Hey I'm Ryder and I noticed you checking me out, so I decided to give you a better look." What a jerk I like sweet guys and he's not sweet.

"I didn't think you would be a cocky jerk." The words came out without my permission.

  His smirk faltered but he composed himself perfectly. "Mouthy little thing are we sweetheart?" You could tell he was amused by my shocked face.

  "Don't call me sweetheart." I said hoping he didn't notice my heart beating, though my face didn't show. I love how he called me sweetheart and I hatred that.

  "Then tell me your name sweetheart." This time his smile is more genuine.

  "Nichole" I say nervously hoping he says my name instead of sweetheart so my heart doesn't swirl into a frenzy.

  "Nichole" He says testing it from his own lips. Him saying my name is so much worse in a good way. "I like it" He actually seems like he does.

  "Why don't you sit with me, we can be partners since I don't have one yet. It wasn't a question, but I noticed Amber had a very excited blonde as her partner already.

  "Sure, why not."

  He muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like 'so much enthusiasm'

  On cue the teacher walked in and introduced himself and it really wasn't that important since it was the first day.

  I heard a sliding beside me and noticed Ryder passing me a note asking for my schedule. I didn't understand since we were all the way in the back and everyone was talking.

  I write back telling him my schedule and see he soon writes back saying we have the exact same schedule. He also asks for my number so I give it to him.

  You should know his reply 'thanks sweetheart ;). He had to add the wink. I look down and blush hoping he can't tell. Of course he notices and his smirk is more evident on his perfect face.

  The bell is about to ring anyways but then I remembered we have the same exact schedule. I have french and then music before I go to lunch.Of course math last I internally groan, but of course I did that out loud.

"What's up sweetheart?" Now he's taking out loud. *note the sarcasm*

  "I have math last, and don't call me sweetheart!" I whisper yell.

  "I know we have the same classes remember... Sweetheart?"

  Now I groaned out loud intentionally. "I remember, doesn't mean were gonna sit next to either in every class." I said with a satisfying smirk.

  "We'll see about that." He said with his own making mine disappear completely. Before I could argue the bell rang for out next class and he was gone.

  It was finally lunch time and I did end up having to sit next to him in every class. It was actually really fun. He can be very sweet but I didn't want to ruin it by telling him that.

  He sat alone at lunch not even eating his own food while I sat at a table fool of people with Amber. I really wanted to know why he sat by himself but I knew I shouldn't say anything now. I stay talking too my new friends trying to not get caught starting at Ryder.

For the rest of lunch I watched him and every time he looked I would turn away blushing. He just laughed but not amused; interested as to why I was starting at him, but also understanding.

  Lunch was over now all I had was math left. Of course I sat next to Ryder and it was great but he didn't seem as happy. I was worried.

  School was over and I left to catch the bus and Ryder drives so we went our separate ways. He is also a junior.

  I was now home cooking dinner for me and my 24 year old cousin named Sean. He had to work a lot since the car accident killed my parents and my sister. When we were done eating and watching a movie I got ready while he went back to work.

  I got done getting ready for bed and was awakened by a text message at three in the morning.

  'Open the door sweetheart ;)' I wonder who that could be...


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