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   No matter how hard Riley fought, he couldn't gain control of his body. He felt like he was sitting in a dark theater, watching the screen in front of him project what his eyes were seeing. He felt her immense power every time she took a step in his shoes – literally. Her voice quieted down when they left the apartment complex, instead something else had gotten his attention. On the imaginary screen, images kept flashing, slowly turning into real movements until it seemed like he was watching a film.

There was fire, a lot of it. So much that he thought it might have been hell, until he saw the trees and a shinning moon overlooking the scene. There were people, but it was too blurry to tell if they were burning or just standing in front of the flames. All too soon the images stopped, leaving Riley to wonder if what he had seen was a forest.

Those are my memories, her voice spoke.

Her memories? Their minds must be connected somehow, because he knew for certain that she was not lying, like he could read her mind, like he was a part of her. He wanted to see more of it, the memories felt familiar to him, like he was standing with the people in the fire. He had been there before.

I can feel you trying to break free from me, you'll only make it worse, she told him.

Riley wanted to rip his chest open and remove her at whatever cost. This was his body, he had the right to fight back if he wanted to. She was the one doing this against his will. He felt a wave of pain and saw that she was dragging his dagger across his arm. A second later a trail of blood appeared from where she had cut him and began dripping down to his hands.

You may think you're invincible, but just know that the dagger can kill anything, including you. I won't hesitate to jab the dagger into your heart and watch as you kill yourself, her voice echoed, bouncing inside of his head.

You're just like Hart, he thought. That line sparked a new set of images. They came too fast at first, but as seconds ticked, they got clearer and he saw figures. It was her as a little girl. She was standing in front of a wooden door that he realized was the entrance to the dark room. She was crying, but her face was emotionless. How could someone cry and not look like their world was crumbling?

Stop, stop, stop!

Riley ignored the voice in his head and continued to watch. Young Sera opened the wooden door to the dark room and didn't move a limb after that. There was a man inside, he was blocking whatever Sera was looking at. This man, Riley had seen him before. He was with the family he saw in his hallucination. He must be their father.

A horrendous screech came out of the room, it made Sera's eyes water, but still no emotions. Riley could tell she was afraid, fear was something you couldn't miss in a child.

“Don't hit him! Father, please! I can . . . I feel everything you're doing to him,” Sera whimpered.

“I'm sorry, child. There is no other way to do this,” her father said.

As the man raised his hand, a bright light erupted in front of him, causing him to fly back. Riley couldn't see what was causing it, but he knew it was a person. The light was fire. The flames scattered across the entire floor as if it was covered in gasoline. Then suddenly there was darkness and Sera got sucked into the dark room. The door shut behind her and they became trapped in the darkening fire as a woman's voice screamed.

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