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Marcel's POV

I felt a hard slap to my face. A huge gasp came from the redhead mouth.

"Why did you hit him?"

I look up her waiting for answer.

"Because I wanted to... Let's go Alene."

She got up following the dark headed one. I look over at my car that was totaled... completely; I slowly got up but suddenly drop to my knee. The redhead turned back around and walked over to me.

"Are you OK?" I look up at her but everything was spinning.

She grabs my arm helping me up to feet.

"You look awful. Come with me." She spoke up.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? LEAVE HIM THERE!!?? HE'S A SELFISH DICK!!" The other girl yelled.

"Demi he's really needs help; So just shut up and open the car door."

Oh so that's her name Demi. I watch as she eyed me like a hawk, her face curled up and her knuckles turning white. The redhead help me in the car. She backs away as Demi slams the door behind her. My eyes close shut as I heard the car engine running.

I was awoken by an unfamiliar face, there was another young lady standing outside the car; she had a long blonde hair and her eyes was bright blue.

"Hey sweetie, your up. Come let's take you inside." Her voice was sweet and settling.

I looked at my surrounding it was different than I was use to. It seem like we were in the woods. I step out the car looking at the huge house that was in front of me. I stood there for a moment staring at everything.

"What's your name, honey?" She question.

I look back down at her.

"Marcel Styles. Where are the other two girls?"

"Inside... Come on now." She pulls me to the white house. When I got inside everything was modern looking, and it smelled like vanilla my favorite favor. Another girl appears with Demi with the  redhead.

"Thank you..For helping me." I smiled a little.

"Whatever." Demi snapped.

"Your welcome." The redhead grin.

"What's your name boy?" The other girl asked.

"Marcel Styles." The blond one burst out.

"Well I'm Effy that's Perrie." She pointed to the girl next to me. "The redhead is Alene, and the grumpy one his Demi." She cracked a smile at her. "Your room ready. Bring him here." Perrie and Alene grab both my arm pulling me down a long halfway.

"I have to ask a question." I mumbled.

"What is it Sugarplum." Perrie answered.

"Why I'm I alive? I'm not suppose to be dead. What did she do to me, and why are u guys being so .....nice to me?"

Effy stop in front of a door ,opening it.

"Get in curly." She points

I step into room, it was quite big; bigger than mines at least. There was a king size bed with black silk sheets, the curtain was pure white it remind me of fresh snow. I step inside as the two girls place me on the bed. Perrie bends over taking off my black muddy sneakers.

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