Chapter 27

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Madelyn’s POV         

“Why are you getting up so early?” Justin moaned.

“I’m going on a run. Want to come?” I laughed as I put on my running shoes.

“I’m going to pass.” Justin rolled over and went back to sleep. I went downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal before I headed out. Once I was done I grabbed Norris’ leash. Luna looked at me with sad eyes.

“Baby girl, you can’t go on long runs. I end up having to carry you home. Go back to bed!” I laughed as I shut the door.

I made my normal route, going through the hilly neighborhood. I didn’t go as far as normal, going about ten miles total. I wanted to go further but I could feel my body getting ready to collapse. I hadn’t run in over a week, so I was really feeling the pain.

Norris was happier than ever. The big boxer loved to run. He would’ve gone twenty more miles had I let him. As I turned the corner to run back towards the house he sensed where we were going and slowed down.

As we got closer to our house, where the houses weren’t spaced as close together, I noticed a black car sitting right outside of our gated driveway. The paparazzi usually stayed at least a few houses back. As we got closer I could see that the license plate on the car was Arizona. That’s a little odd, I thought.

Justin’s POV

            “Madelyn! Let’s go out to brunch!” I kissed her as I walked downstairs. It was nearly noon and I was starving. Madelyn had let me sleep in on my day off, and I was grateful, but I also wanted to spend time with Madelyn. The next week I was working in Atlanta, so I wanted some quality time with my girl.

            “Okay! Want to go to Mirf’s?” An old diner in Hollywood, it had become one of our frequented restaurants.

            “Yes! Let me put on clothes and we can go!” I ran upstairs to get dressed. Luna followed me, hoping she was getting to go where ever we were headed.

            “Sorry, Luna! You have to stay here!” I laughed as I shut the door. Madelyn was already in my car. As we pulled out of the driveway, Madelyn was looking around. “Looking for something, hun?”

            “Um, no. It’s nothing.” She smiled, but something looked like it was bothering her. The look subsided as we drove, but came back when we got to the restaurant. I was just locking the car and walking into the restaurant as a black car pulled into the small parking lot. All of the windows were tinted. Madelyn just stared at the car.

            “What’s wrong, babe?” I grabbed her hand.

            “Nothing, I just, I think that car was sitting outside of our driveway this morning when I came back from my run.”

            “Its probably just another paparazzi. “

            “Yeah, probably.” She smiled.

Madelyn’s POV

            “Hey Justin, I was just calling, well, to call. I am driving home and stuck in traffic. Call me back tonight. Love you.”

            Justin had been gone for three days. I hated when he was gone, but at least he would be home on Sunday.

            Three houses down from my house I saw it again. The same black car with all tinted windows and an Arizona tag. I knew I shouldn’t get worried over it, but I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

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