I Need A Job

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Sam's Pov

"So Harry I was wondering if you could help me get a job at the Bakery?" I plead Harry through the phone.

"Well maybe I could pull some strings and ask Barbra." He says through the other line. "Thank you Thank you! I need to start saving up for college." I thank him.

"I'll put a good word in for you to Barbra." He chirps. "Thanks Harry talk to you later." I smile through the phone. He says goodbye to me and i hang up.

I get up from my bed and grab some clothes. I pick up my phone from my bed and go into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and put my phone on shuffle.

I strip down to my underwear and test the water. It's a perfect temperature, so I strip into nothing and enter the warm shower.

As I wash my hair I hum to the songs playing on my phone. When I finish my shower I shut the water off and dry off my legs, then I wrap the towel around my chest.

I dry myself off and quickly change into my outfit of the day. I blow dry my hair and straighten it. I pull it into ponytail. I do my usual makeup and finish it off pink lip gloss.

I run downstairs when my phone starts ringing. It's Harry.

"Helloooo." I greet. "Heyyy" He greets back. "What up?" I asks. "Well I talked to Barbra and she said since were short on staff, you get the job! You start tomorrow!" He informs me. "Yayyyy! Thank you Harry!" I say overjoyed.

"I can pick you up tomorrow and we could go to work together." I smile. "Well thanks Haz, but I got my car fixed." I tell him sitting down on the sofa. "I still wanna take you." He repeats.

"Well I guess you could come pick me up." I say giving in to him. "Alright see ya tomorrow at 7am." We say our goodbyes. We hang up and I turn on the T.v.

(The Next Day)

"Get up sleeping...." Harry says opening my room door suspecting to find me sleeping, but I'm siting on my bed playing on my phone.

"You thought I would be sleeping, didn't you?" I look up from my phone. "Yeah I did." He admit. I get up from my spot and walk over to him.

"Let's go!" I say going downstairs. I put my coat on and my boots on. Harry comes down the stairs after me.

"Ready?" "Yup! I pull out my keys from my pocket. We walk outside and I lock the door. I run in front of Harry and enter his car.

He enters in after me. He starts his car and leaves my house and we make our way to the bakery.

We enter the Bakery and we're greeted by an old woman. "Brabra!" Harry shouts and gives the woman a hug.

"Barbra this is Sam." Harry tells the woman after the embrace. I give a small wave and she shakes my hand. "So your the 'Famous' Sam Harry has been talking about." I smile at her but I don't understand what she's was talking about.

Harry though is blushing like crazy. "Ok so do have any experience?" Barbra asks while letting go of my hand. "Yes I have, back in Canada I worked in Tim Horton's." They just look puzzled.

"It's a coffee shop." I answer before they could ask. "Alright, you and Harry can start baking the cakes for today. Remember we open in about an hour and half." sShe instructs hands me and apron.

Before I start I pulled my hair into a messy bun. Harry goes over to a hook and pulls apron which has the name Harry stitched on it, from from the hook.

He rubs his hands together. "Let's get started!" He runs to the back, with me following behind. We wash our hands and grab our supplies.

"Alright grab the Bowl." Harry instructs. I walk over to the cabinet and reach for the bowl. I can't reach. I go up on my tippy toes.

I'm not that short.

Harry walks up behind. "Can't reach?" He asks. "Yup." I sigh. Harry places his hands on my side's. I stiffen at his touch. He lifts me up so I can grab the bowl.

He sets me back down on my feet and I spin around. "Thanks for the....uh....help." I blush. "No prob." I walk past him.

"Alright Harry I need a cup of flour." I instruct. "Here ya you go." He says throwing flour in my face. I open my eyes in disbelief.

"You didn't just do that?" I question. "What this?" He tosses more flour in my face, he laughs even more. I wipe my eyes from the flour. "Next we need the eggs." I say. I reach for the carton of eggs and pull one out.

I crack the egg onto his head. "There." I giggle. "My Hair! Your dead!" He shouts. "Wait it say's we need another egg." He reads from the book and he reaches for another egg.

"Don't you Dare...." I'm stop by an egg cracking and I screamed. "You bugger!" I yell. We begin to throw ingredients at each other.

Eggs, flour, sugar, butter are dump tossed back and forth. "What the bloody hell is going on here?!" Barbra yells. We stop in our tracks. "I'll finish the cakes you clean up this mess." She frowns and leaves the room.

I scowl at Harry and throw a rag at him. I walk over and grab the broom leaning against the wall. I begin to sweep all the flour, eggs, sugar and butter off the floor, while Harry wipes the counters.

When we finish we have to go the bathroom and clean ourslefs off, the best we can.

When we finish freshing up, we are demoted to icing cupcakes. "You look good in flour." Harry comments as he ices a chocolate cupcake. I blush at his comment. "Well I must say you sexy in egg yolk." I comment back.

"So you think I'm sexy?" He chuckles. I let out a deep sigh. "I'm not hearing no." He sings. I sigh again and I finish another cupcake. "How does it taste?" I ask him. He picks up the small cake and takes a bite.

"Delicious." He says through a mouthful. "You try." He swallows and hands me the pastry. I take a bite out of it and a smile grows on my lips. "Yummy!" I say also with an mouthful.

I swallow too and go back to work. "You have icing on your nose." Harry smirks. I look back up at him and smiles at me showing his dimples.

"I got it." He says picking up a papper towel. He wipes the icing off of my nose. He stares at me, his green eyes meeting my blue ones. He then slowly leans in closer to me, our breaths mix.

"Sam I need you up at cash." Barbra shouts and I leave Harry alone in the kitchen.


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