Chapter 1

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Chapter one

Percy's p.o.v (third person)

It was close to one in the morning and Percy still couldn't force his eyes to close. Despite his utter exhaustion, he just couldn't sleep. He supposed that it was his body's attempt at warding off the nightmares that came every time he shut his eyes. Except they werent really nightmares, they were memories. Flashes of his torture from someone he thought he would never have to see again, the dark twisted laughter, and annabeth's cries for him. Even after weeks of being free, he couldn't escape it. Percy rubbed his eyes tiredly and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Sleep was overrated anyway. As soon as he stood up a wave of dizziness swept over him and he stumbled slightly. As he gripped the side of the bed for support he heard a dark voice resound throughout his cabin. "It seems that you didnt heed my warning, demigod."

"Kronos" He growled through gritted teeth "what are you doing to me." He was finding it increasingly harder to keep standing as the pain in his head became worse.

"Oh, i'm dissapointed in you Jackson." Kronos mocked "when I had you trapped in that cell I told you that I would rise again. I guess you havent realized that i am using you to do just that."

Percy gasped and fell to his knees as the pain in his head increased even more. "You're going to use me like you used Luke" he grunted. "I'm your new host."

Kronos' laugh once again filled the cabin "And the spawn finally catches on."

"I won't do it" Percy sneered. "I'm no ones pawn."

"Well then I guess its good that you don't have a choice" Kronos said. "You will be my host and there is nothing that you, or anyone else can do to stop it."

Percy barely managed to scream out in pain before he crumpled to the ground and his world faded to black.

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