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I froze, looking down at her. Tears began to form in rims of Charlotte's eyes as her lower lip quivered. She began crying into the palms of her hands while sobbing loudly.

"U-uh... Please, stop crying. I-I didn't mean to yell you... it's just that I—"

Her sobs were too loud to talk over. I decided to pick her up gently along with her sparkly Fuschia backpack and bring her inside. I sat on the couch with her in my arms, rocking her softly. She calmed down, bringing her sobs to a halt. She rubbed her eyes, finally looking at me with her soft hazel eyes.

"I apologize for yelling at you." I said softly.

"It's okay..." she said, her voice cracking a little bit.

Kylie's voice used to always do that after she got done crying. I wiped the rest of her tears away with my thumb. 

"Um... just in case you don't believe me, I have proof that you're my biological father." 

She pulled her backpack on her lap, pulling out a folder. She opened the folder, pulling out two pieces of papers that looked like important documents. She placed them both in my hand. The first paper was a birth certificate. It showed Charlotte's full name and all the characteristics for her, also, it showed her mother's name Kylie Ann Potter. Under the "Father's Name" field, it said my name. I looked into Charlotte's hazel eyes in shock. This was really my daughter. She did resemble me, as well as Kylie. She has Kylie's eye color, mouth, and small ears, while she took after my eye shape, nose, and face structure. Then I realized something; how could Kylie possibly have a child if she was in a car accident? She died about 5 months after I got signed.

"Waaaaaait... how could Kylie possibly have a child in 5 months, that's impossible!" I said, squinting my eyes at her in suspicion.

She looked down at her hands and started fiddling her thumbs.

"Well... Aunt Jaz says that my mommy was already 3 months pregnant. Of course, it wasn't showing. She also said that mommy didn't want to tell you because she knew how you were working on becoming a famous singer and she didn't want me to get in the way of your dreams. I was actually a pre... a pre..." she said, trying to figure out the word.

"Premature." I said, helping her.

"Yeah... premature. I was born a month before her due date. I was actually a blessing. Mommy went into the car crash, and the ambulance was luckily able to give my mommy something called an 'Emergency C-Section'. They were able to save me just in time!" she said, smiling.

By time she was done with her story, I was almost down to tears. Kylie didn't tell me that she was pregnant? She should have told me! I could've been there for her! What if Charlotte didn't make it? I would've never known about my seed. 

"How did you get here? Did your aunt send you out here?" 

"Yes! Uh... I—I mean, yes, she did. She wanted me to introduce myself to you and spend time bonding with you." she said, giving me a smile.

I let my brain process my thoughts. I couldn't just try to deny her now. It is clear to me that this little girl was my daughter. I might've been a couple of years late in her life, but better late then never

"Alright. One more question. How old are you?"

"I'm 6." she answered, putting up 6 fingers. I smiled.

I was right. She was no older than 6, she actually was 6.

"Okay. Well, before anything... I have to go through some important rules with you." I said sternly.

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