chapter 1

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●Alyssas pov ●


I groaned as I saw douchebag and the bitch walk down the hallway.

"Whyyy,why, why, why"

Ariana said repeatedly

Let me introduce myself. I'm Alyssa Hamilton average high school teen, black hair, brown eyes. I guess u may think we are that trio that judges people but we aren't. Its just average normal ariana Alyssa and Jason.

"I don't understand why u guys don't like them. Honestly"

Oh yea I should have mentioned Jason is friends with them.. He's been Justin's buddy since 7th grade and Ashley since 9th. Justin is a freaking ass when it comes to ariana and I. I just don't get it,its like we've been enemies since highschool started. I mean I couldn't blame him I could be bitchy at times and ariana.. well ariana is a different story.

"You'll never understand us jay" I said as they were coming closer. I put my hand on his shoulder ans he had a solemn expression on his face.

"We have our ways" I said giggling, he chuckled a little

"Ok" he said still laughing

"Well look who it is" I heard a voice from behind me, I had a feeling it was him. O turned around and saw Justin with a smirk on his face, Ashley had that evil smile on her face she looked like a..I shouldn't even start

"What do u want"

"to annoy u hamiltion, gotta a problem?"

"fuck off Bieber" i snapped

i wanted to slap him. SO BADLY, but that would just be animal abuse so ill let it slide.

"C'mon Justin lets go" Jason said and took Justin's hand then walked away. He slowly shook his hand to say bye.

●Jason's pov ●

"C'mon dude lets go" I told Justin. I knew Alyssa and him would fight again. It always happens anyways, I mean then it would become big. I gently waved bye to Alyssa and ariana. She looked annoyed and that's not too good. We walked down the hall and Ashley had physics so Justin dropped her off. They had a full makeout session while I was waiting and it was disgusting.

"Get a room" I said interrupting their session.

They let go and Ashley walked into physics class.

"Tf bro" Justin said


"Why did u do that for"

"Because u two were gonna eat each others throats out by the time u were done"

he gave me a stupid look.

"Its true and u know it" I said. He just chuckled

"Ya know.... I've been thinking twice about something" he said with a solemn look on his face.

"What's up" I said


"I.....-" Justin stopped

"Justin is everything ok bro?" I said a little worried

"Yea I'll- I'll call u later dude" he walked into gym class. I wonder what's up. Thats really weird how he's acting now days ... I walked to the 2nd floor straight to Spanish. I got to find out. And fast



This always happens, its not a surprise. Even tho Justin be a big dick sometimes its cute. He has that perfect black colored hair, hazelnut eyes u can get lost in them. Idk y I say these things but I can't help it.

"Lets go" Ariana said snapping me out of my thoughts. I quickly closed my locker

"We have chemistry first."

"K" I said

We walked to chemistry class and Mr. Iacovissi was starting class. Hopefully this day will go good, its a Thursday and 1 more day to go.


Ending notessss-

Hey guys hopefully u liked the first chapter, I will surely make them longer if u think its too short :) please comment and tell me what u think!! ♡

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