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hey there my name is crystal. well i dont know how to make chapters so umm i will just put 1 chapter or 2 and yea well bye lets get startes.


zayn pov

I was walking to my Locker till my friend naill came up to me and said, "hey have u seen the 2 new girls?" naill asked me. "umm noo there are 2 new girls who are they?" i asked naill,

"one is Ariana grande and the other one is selena Gomez." he said and walked away

i stared to walk to my first class that was music class then i saw a girl a new girl she was beatuful she had long brown hair big brown eyes that are beatuful i think she saw me staring at her cause she blush. i sat next to the new girl,

"hi my name is zayn

zayn mailk" i said while smiling and puting my hand out "hi my name is selena Gomez nice to meet u zayn." she said while smiling and shaking my hand. then we started to lean in put the teacher came in and said loudly "everyone get in your seat." she said loud so the whole class heard her

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sry i haven't update i was busy and yea well happy winter break! i think i will update tommrrow kk well bye.


zayn pov

I saw selena thinking i woder if she has a boyfriend omg she just cute and- i sound like a girl ugh stop zayn stop.

ms.law said "ok class ima tell you who is your partner to write a Christma song and sing it ok." she said

demi and naill

miley and harry

Ashley and liam

zayn and selena

when they heard my name i got up and went to selena.

"selena are u daydreaming about me awww how cute." i said with a baby voice

"yeah right zayn ok lets get started." she Said

"who said im your partner?" i said to her

"ummmmmm pshhh i knew that." she said while playing with her hands

"come on i'm your partner."

i said.


kk well got to go sleep night i update tommrrow:)

selena pov

ok so me and zayn were working on the song it like this (s=selena z=zayn t=together)


z- Its christmas eve its christmas eve one more day till christmas eve.

s- christamas is here today

and yea that's all we got

soo ms.law said we can leave until zayn came up to me

z- selena can i umm get your phone number u know so we can work on the song?? zayn said shyly

s- of course here hand by phone to him and he hand me his phone i put it

selena loves u bestie ♥

when zayn hand me my phone i laugh cause what he put it was zayn love of your life;)

me and zayn said bye then off.

zayn pov

As i was walking to history class i saw a nother cute girl gosh zayn i think selena took my heart with her and umm Ariana to even if i haven't meet her i can feel it.

i took a seat with Ariana

"hi im zayn mailk." i said while i put my hand out

"hi zayn im Ariana grande." she said while shaking my hand.

me and Ariana were talking about random stuff then play 21 question's i had fun with her i was about to ask her a question when the teacher came in

" ok class take a seat we will be working on the titanic pick your partner's." said Mr.Tang said.

i turn to Ariana and said "want to be partners?" i said to Ariana "sure and here." she said while handing me my phone it says Ariana forever♥

i grab her phone and put my number then i hand her my phone. we were planing on what should we

do then the bell ring. i headed off to my Locker next to louis and naill i saw naill eating and louis sitting on the floor i said hi to louis and naill then i put my books away then headed off to lunch.

i saw liam,louis,harry and naill waiting foe me i went to our table and ate then i saw selena crying and ran out the door.

selena pov

i was texting Justin

j-hi babe

s- hey baby

j-have to tell u something


j-i'm breaking up with you sry ^_^

when he said that my heart broke to pieces i stared to cry i ran out the school i sat under a tree and cry and cry i was soo sad.

"selena is that u?" someone said

"No go away." i said

"selena why arr you crying?" i saw zayn ther

" Justin my ex broke up with me." i said crying

zayn sat next to me and hug me.

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Okay so ima update more later just one quick question who should go with zayn?

should it be Ariana or selena?


Im sooooooo sry i haven't update is that i havs been super busy. So Most people want zelena, So ima think about that. Well Ima Update in 1 min Just have to do something kk well bye :)

Selena Pov

Zayn just hug me (u might not no what happen and why Zayn is hugging her well Its Cause Justin her Ex broke up with her I don't like Justin but Im Keep up the, Good work!) Zayn Just hug me I was Crying in His Shoulder.

Z- "Shhh Everything well be Okay."

S- "Noo It wont Im i That Horrible" I said, Crying More

Z-" Of Course Your not Selena. You are the most beautiful Girl I know. I don't know Why Justin Would do that To You."

S- "Zayn Thanks For Being There For Me I love u zayn As a friend."

Z- "Thats What Best friends Or for right."

S- "Yea well We should Get Going or we be late for, Class."

Z-"Ok lets Go then."

Zayn help me get up and Took my hand we walked to class.

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