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**Skys POV**

I got out of the shower and changed my mind and decided to wear some thing else for a while until it was 12 since we are supposed to be there at 2. I changed into my light blue high wasted shorts with a white shirts that says ' waz up' and my white converse. I brushed my hair and grabbed my bag and keys and left to get some Starbucks. I realize I forgot something but I couldn't put my finger on it. I went back to the hotel parking lot and entered my car and drove to the park. I got out if my car and grabbed my guitar and found a spot and sat down and sang while playing my guitar. I then found fans again and took pictures and signed stuff and they wanted me to sing a song to them I then started singing that one that got away by Katy perry.

🎶 Summer after high school where we first met we make out in your mustange and radio head and and on my 18th birthday we got matching tattos, ooh woo ho🎶

I kept on singing until I finished singing the song. Most of them were filming me and others were taking photos. I then realized I didn't have my phone.

" aww man I was gonna tweet this but I forgot my phone" I said sad

" you can use my phone" a lot of the girls said

" no it's fine just tweet me your pictures and I post it from there" I said as someone came from behind me scaring me after everyone left.

***Connors POV***

I woke up and took a shower and got dressed. I was just in the balcony on my phone while the rest of the guys were in the living room or kitchen. Then I heard the guys talking and Andrea Jade and Zoe. I just ignored them and continued what I was doing until Jc came outside.

" what do you want Jc" I asked him

" Skyler is missing" Jc said

" what?!?" I said worrying

" yah nobody can contact her, she seemed to have left her phone behind" he said. As I entered and saw a worried Andrea Jade and Zoe.

" did you guys see her this morning?" I asked the girls

" no by the time we woke up she was already gone we called and texted her and saw that she left her phone behind" Andrea said tossing me her phone

" well we have to find her" Trevor said

"Yah um Sam Jc and I will look around the hotel, Ricky Trevor and Zoe will look around the area and you Kian and Andy look at the park" Jade said

" okay well let's go!" Andrea said as we all went our own ways. We went to the parking lot and saw her car was gone. We entered Kian's car and headed to the park. We then saw a crowd of people. We got out of Kian's car and heard someone singing.

" guys I think that's Sky" Kian said

" yup that is definitely Sky" Andrea said happy and relived

" should we wait until the crowd leaves?" I asked

" us unless you wanna get mobbed" Kian said. We waited until she was done singing and then the crowd finally left. I went too sneak up on her and screamed.

" ahh holy shit" she said as all three of us laughed at her reaction.

" ha ha" she said sarcastically " why are you guys here" she asked

" well we couldn't contact you in anyway and you were gone for a while" I said as I handed her her phone.

"Yah I realized I forgot it while I was here" she said while getting up

" well let's go back and get ready for Vidcon since it's 11:48" Andrea said as we headed to the parking lot.

" you brought your car right" Kian asked

" yup" Sky replied heading towards her car.

" I'll go with you" I said while she put her guitar in her trunk and passed me the keys to her Nissan.

" sorry about worrying you guys" she said with her eyes wide open which made me laugh.

" haha yah it's okay just don't scary me like that I could of had a heart attack if I lost you " I said as she 'awwed' and kissed my cheek.

" hey you missed my mouth " I stated with a sad face.

" haha well if I kiss you we are going to die" she said

" fine after" I said

" um...maybe" she said with a grin. We finally made it to the hotel and got out of her car as she grabbed her stuff and got out. I dropped her off in her room and went to mines to get dressed. Moments later Kian walked in and started to get dressed as well.

****Sky's POV****

I entered the hotel room and Jade and Zoe asked me a bunch of questions.

" guys I'm fine I just went to the park and I forgot my phone" I said while grabbing some clothes.

" you guys should start getting ready" I said as I entered the bathroom. I then changed( picture or link to the side) and decided not to wear the glasses. I then just brushed my hair and did a braid to my right side and put on some mascara and a little bit of eye liner. I then painted my nails to match my out fit and then headed to the living room where I saw Jade ready. She was wearing a dress wear the top was strapless and had a heart shape and was silver and sparkly and the waste and down was a skirt kind that was a light violet. She was also wearing some high heels and some mascara. I then saw Andrea and she was wearing a plain whit short sleeve shirt that shows her belly button and some comic shorts with a smokey eye and some mascara. After I saw Xoe come in wearing a beautiful white dress and I bit of mascara and blush.

" okay girls are we ready?" I asked while grabbing my stuff.

" yup and don't forget your phone" Andrea said

" I already go it" I responded

" did you get our outfit for when we sing" I asked

" yup there In your car" Andy responded.

" can I see your outfit" Jade asked

" nope nobody can see it until we perform and from there we are going to wear that dress" I stated as Andrea agreed. We then left the hotel room and headed to my car. I drove all four of us to Vidcon and as we started to get everything out of the car including Andrea's and mines outfit and shoes out of the car with our bags and then we all rushed inside the building.

" so the signing and picture thing is in about 30 minutes so we have time to get ready for that and then the private stage thing with O2L is at 4:30" I said making sure that Andrea and Jade knew what time is everything.

" hey girls I'm going to go with the rest of the British youtubers and get ready since we have out stuff together so goodbye and good luck" Zoe said as she left. We then went to get our stuff ready and tweeted that I was excited to meet everyone. We then had 2 minutes left and we haven't seen the boys because they are in the other side if the room getting ready. Jade Andrea and I share a table together.

" okay girls it's almost time" I said looking at my phone.

" I'm nervous this is my first time meetings the fans" Jade said

" well this isn't your first time here " I stated

" okay in 3......2.....1!" I yelled and got of the table and sat down as a bunch of screaming fans went up to different Youtubers. We had a huge line of people in front of us.

We have been signing things and taking pictures with fans and vlogging as well. Then that was when we closed and started to get ready for the stage thing with Andrea Jade and O2L.

We had 1 hour to get ready for it. All three of us went to our dressing rooms and fixed our selves until some guy entered.

" okay girls you will perform when we start so start putting on your outfits and make up and we will all you out when we have 3 minutes left so let's go go go" the guy said leaving as Andrea and I started to get dressed.

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