A Dream? and the Fortress

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Chapter 10

Jolene's P.O.V.

I was in a damp room that was full of cages. Each of the cages had 1 or 2 people in them, no more. There was only 1 empty cage in the corner. What is going on here?

I scanned the cages trying to figure out where I was when one cage caught my eye. There was 2 people in this cage, they were the sorcerer that Olivia had talked to the day the squids attacked, and the guy who had kindly asked me to move. The were sitting down in their cage talking about something I couldn't quiet hear over all the other noise in this place.

I walked or glided or floated over to their cage. Maybe it was a combo of all 3. Anyways when I was just out side the bars of the cage I could hear them a lot better.

"What do you think is going to happen Seto?" Asked the one with the headphones.

"I don't know." Seto replied.

"Yeah, that helps a lot." The other guy said.

"Wait! Ty do you feel that?" Seto suddenly perked up. I could feel his magic wrap around me, trying to identify who I was.

"No. What?" Ty replied. Seto's eyes started to glow purple. This was kinda creeping me out, so I looked around the room. The others were looking this way now. Great, just great.

"Who are you?" Seto asked in draconic, one of the multiple different dragon languages. My strongest dragon language is dragonian. Everyone in the room was giving him confused looks, including me.

"How do you know this tongue sorcerer?" I asked back in draconic.

"What do you mean?" Seto asked still in draconic.

"You speak draconic, a language of dragon kind." I stated.

"Oh... Well then I don't know." He said. "You still haven't told me who you are."

"I feel like I don't need to tell you, but something you may want to know is that I am traveling with Sky and Olivia to come rescue you." I told him.

"Seto? Who or what are you talking to?" Ty asked.

Seto didn't seem to notice him asking so I said, "You might want to reply to your friend." His eyes instantly faded back to the chocolate brown they were before the creepy glowing.

"What was that Ty?" Seto asked normally.

"Who or what are you talking to?" Ty repeated.

"There is someone else here, they say the others are coming to save us. I think this person is a spirit." Seto replied.

Right after that I felt like I was being pulled on. I tried to fight it, to talk to these guys more, to get more information, but the pull was to strong. I gave up trying to fight it, and I could here people talking. Different people than were in the room.

I opened my eyes to see Sky and Olivia standing near the girl I had caught, talking. That was a weird dream or whatever. "Are you sure she's okay?" Olivia asked.

"Yes! I checked! She has a pulse!" Sky replied sounding irritated.

I shifted into a sitting position. "Umm... She's awake." The girl said. Instantly both of them turned their heads to look at me with worried looks.

"Jolene!" Olivia cried.

"Yay! You're not dead!" Sky yelled. We all laughed, except for the girl who looked afraid.

I jumped to my feet, full of energy. "Let's go!" I declared.

"How are you so full of energy?" Sky asked confused. I ignored him.

"To the fortress!" I said. Instantly colour drained from the girl's face. "Wha?" I asked.

"Please don't hurt my family." She begged.

"I don't plan on hurting anything right now, unless a squid magically jumped on my face." I replied. I was given confused looks by everybody and I just laughed.

I walked over to where the girl was still on the ground. I untwisted the obsidian and threw it away. "I never got you're name!" I said.

"It's Flame." She smiled while rubbing her wrists. "How were you able to do that to the obsidian?" She asked. I shrugged and we all headed to the fortress.


We walked down a few hallways in the fortress as I recalled the correct twists and turns to get to where I hid the map. Flame was interested in what we were doing here so she followed us.

Suddenly we heard rasping noises coming from around the corner. I quickly looked around to see if there was anywhere to hide, but there wasn't any. I can't speak to creatures from the nether so this might go badly.

As the blazes rounded the corner I tensed up, and refused the urge to grab my sword or bow. We needed to be friendly.

The blazes were getting uncomfortably close and they had looks of anger on their faces. Then I remembered that I had once read in a book how to say one certain important phrase in blaze. I did my best to say it right, but I think I got it wrong.

I knew I was wrong when Flame burst out laughing and the blazes gave me confused looks. "What's so funny? I asked Flame.

"You just said, 'I come in pieces.' in blaze!" She replied in between fits of laughter.

"Wait you speak blaze?!" I yelled. She nodded getting control of her laughter. "Then why didn't you say anything?!" I roared. She jumped at how loud I was, and the blazes didn't seem to like it.

"I wanted to see how you would react to my family." She replied as if it was simple.

Before we could say anything else a boy ran around the corner. He had brown hair and eyes. He was wearing a green shirt with a potato. As he ran, he dropped a few potatoes. "Flame! Are you okay? I heard yelling!" He panted. He stopped in his tracks as he saw me, Olivia, and Sky.

"Hi!" I said gleefully. He shot a nervous glance at Flame who nodded smiling.

"Who are you?" He asked skeptically.

"My name is Jolene! This is Olivia, and Sky!" I replied gesturing to the others as I said their names. The smiled and waved hello. "May I ask who you are?" I asked kindly.

"I'm Brave." He said.



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