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"Daekhyun ah!come and eat!" i shouted.

"Eo!" she replied and baekhyun came out of the room.

"You only called our daughter out to eat and your husband here is staaarving." Baekhyun said showing aegyo.

"Ive prepared for you too go and eat." i said and sat down.i ate too.halfway eating,someone rang the doorbell.

"I'll get it.You guys go and eat." i said.they nodded and baekhyun fed daekhyun.daekhyun is 4 years old and able to speak a little korean and a little english. i opened the door and someone with black shades are seen.

"Nuguseyo?" i asked.he opened his shades

"Hello jennet." he smirked.its seung hoon.i froze

"baby!whos that?!" baekhyun shouted from behind.

"Seung-Seung Hoon." i whispered.

"Who is th" baekhyun said and saw seung hoon.baekhyun ran to the door and closed it.

"How is he here?" he asked me with big eyes.

"Dont ask me!!" i said feeling scared.baekhyun pulled me to a hug.

"Shh its going to be okay..." he said.OH WAIT!MY MOTHER SAID ITS NOT OVER...

"Baby,i think its my mother...remember during our wedding,she said its not over?"i asked him.he broke the hug.

"Oh no..." he said ruffling his hair.

"Eomma,Appa who is that person?" Daekhyun asked me while holding one of my legs.baekhyun and I squat down.

"daekhyun ah~ if you see that uncle there anywhere at all asking you to follow him even when he has sweet say no and run inside school okay?" i asked daekhyun.

"Okay eomma.Appa,is he a bad person?" daekhyun asked baekhyun.baekhyun raised his shirt and the scar that was made by Seung Hoon was there.

"He made daddy tummy like this.what do you think?" baekhyun asked her.

"Eish!he hurt my daddy!!" she said furrowing her eyebrows.we smiled at her and began eating.after that,we put daekhyun in her room and locked the windows and door.We the parents,have a secret door to go to her room.Baekhyun did it if SeungHoon ever comes back.and he did.we came in our room.

"What if he hurt us again?" i asked baekhyun.

"If he does,we have to move to another country." baekhyun said.

"What if-"baekhyun cut me off with a kiss.

"Lets think positive for now." He said.his lips felt so good!

"okay." i said and kissed him.he pinned me to the wall and kissed me deeper.

"okay okay im tired." i said pulling him to bed.

"Yah!i was enjoying myself!" he said i giggled and he laid down beside me.he hugged me to sleep.

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