Anita's pov

I woke up in the morning with Aaron, Nick and Jimmy arms around me. I LOVE THESE BOYS!!

I took Nicks arms off of me first then Jimmy and when I took Aarons arms off of me I got out of the bed and Aarons instantly wrapped his arms around the nearest person close to him which was Jimmy and Jimmy wrapped his arms around him as well without opening his eyes and Nick wrapped his arms around Jimmy.


you can already imagine whats going to happen when they wake up. I started to giggle quietly so I wouldn't wake them up. I quickly got my phone and took a photo of them and made the photo my home screen.

I went down to the kitchen and found Clare sitting there staring off to space. I went in front of her and clicked my fingers in her face. that got her out of her trance. Clare looked at me and smiled.

"I need to tell you something" she said and had a nervous look.

I nodded for her to go on.

"I think we are sister....... wait I know we are sisters" she said waiting for my reaction.

"how?" I asked.

"do you have a birth mark on your left shoulder that looks like an upside down love heart" I was shocked after what she just said because it was true, I did.

I nodded

"then we are sisters" she stated.

my reactions changed from shocked to happiness.

I hugged her and cried in happiness.

my mother always told me I had a sister out there named Clare but i never thought it would be this Clare and i am just so happy I'm with my sis.

you're probably wondering 'why weren't we together when we were young'. well the answer to that is because she was with my father. Mum and Dad split up when we were 3 and he took Clare with him. I use to cry myself to sleep because I just lost my sister but we are reunited now and I am just so happy.

"AHHHHHH" Clare and I heard from up stairs and then a big 'thud'.

ooh the boys have woken up.

i started running up stairs while smiling Clare was following behind.

i opened the door to the boys and my bedroom.

"what the heck!" I heard Aaron say.

"why were we cuddling!?" Jimmy shouted.

"omg. we must have looked gay!" Nick shouted at both of them.

i cracked up laughing and the guys turned to me with a glare.

"Anita did you do this to us?" Nick questioned.

"no" i said casually.

"yes you did" Jimmy said.

"i swear i didn't you guys did this to yourself. when i got out of the bed Aaron wrapped his arms around Jimmy then Jimmy wrapped his arms around you and then Nick wrapped his arms around Jimmy" i stated.

hahaha this is so fun.

"prove it" they said in unison.

"ok" i said. then i got my iphone out and showed them the photo of them wrapped together on my home screen.

they were all shocked.

"told ya" i said.

they looked at each other and and nodded with a smile and started grab my arm......


cliff hanger. hahaha.

ok so whats up y'all how you doing.

what do you think of my story?

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