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"This isn't like you, felix" she hissed biting her lip

"C'mon.. Just try it, don't like it,, don't have to try it again" I whispered slyly grasping her fingers in mine

She took the bag in her hands and smirked up at me

"Id love too"

*mickies pov*

Felix walked out and returned with a can of beer for us to share.

He taught me how to roll it,, but I was still confused,

He grabbed a lighter and lit the end of both of ours

I hesitated, it smells so weird yet so good

"Wait" I said "thanks felix for doing this, I just don-"

"Shh, I wanted to do this with you the moment I saw you, I new you'd want to try it but I didn't know how you'd act"

I smiled, laughing slightly

I placed the paper in between my lips and took a deep in hale, I coughed straight after

Felix patted me on the back while laughing

"It's okay, you'll get used to it"

I took another puff

And another

And another

I start giggling and smiling un-controllably

I see flashes of purple and green

It's a feeling I can't really explain

"Told you that you'd like it" felix scoffed, his raspy voice rattling in my ear sending shivers down my spine

"So when do you wanna go back out?" He asked

"Well" I took a big gulp of from the beer can "we could always just stay in here, cuddle, it's cold anyway"

I lied back down, putting the joint in a bowl on the beside table, and covered myself with the warm comforter

*felix pov*

I walked awkwardly to the other side of the bed and sunk myself down; lying on my back with my hands on my stomach

I felt the bed move and noticed that Mickie was coming closer

I smiled slightly, chuckling deeply

She snuggled her head in my chest and wrapped her arm around my torso as my chin rested on her head

I love this feeling, I wish it could last longer

No noise

No talking

Just peaceful, blissful science

More people had obviously arrived because the noise had gotten louder.


I walked back into the crowded room with Mickie's hand in mine

I edged my way around the couples and friends

This feels odd, something's not right.

I'm scared Michael is gonna come back at the wrong time and he'll see this mess of people

Taking a gulp from the beer can I tried to forget everything

I actually made a virtual check list

1) get everyone into stair well

2) clean up as fast as we can,

3) open window to air it out

And just hope we didn't forget anything

What am I saying?! It's not like me to worry

*mickies pov*

I plugged in my phone to play my music on the stereo

All old school dubstep and electronic of course.

I saw couples kissing and hugging, I just sat on the table with felix sitting next to me as I watched them

I watched my hands fiddle as I sighed heavily

Felix noticed my sighs and fiddles of awkwardness because I feel feel him staring at me

I bit my lip

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah.. I'm fine" I croaked

"Are you sure?" He asked, getting closer to my face

At this point. I don't even know anymore.

My constant hiding and bottling up my emotions has never really been a smart idea but it's something ive done ever since I was a kid, it doesn't seem to affect me until that one point where I just break down and let it all out, which in my opinion works a lot better for me, but it's not psychically or mentally healthy.

felix scavenged around the room, observing the couples and the pizza eaters, the pop drinkers and the beer drinkers, his head not being able to completely stay still

You know, ignoring the noise and the squeals of excitement from the party go-ers, ifs actually quiet peaceful, my legs dangling off the wooden table as my black converse rub across the carpet

I'm still pretty curious about that marzia fellow, she seemed the snobbiest out of the three, Elle seemed like the most quiet, but in all honesty, justina is my favorite

God THEYRE PEOPLE not celebrities,

A lot of people came and asked about Canada and how it was like, and I finally started to feel accepted and welcomed, I've only had this feel once before. At concerts. Where everyone just accepts you and doesn't care about what you look like, how old you are, your sexual orientation, what you're wearing, because you're all there for the same reasons

For the music and to have fun


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