I curled up on the bed, trying to stop myself from sobbing, my hand reaching down to the scars on my wrists, trying to resist the urge to rip the scabs off.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and seconds later I was enveloped in a warm, familiar hug. I let it all loose, sobbing into Nat's chest.

"I'm sorry" I sobbed, "Sorry I wasn't strong enough." My voice was breaking, "I'm sorry I'm such a bloody failure"

"Hey!" She snapped, "Stop that! Stop that right now" Her voice was shaking, and she pulled me up to look her in the eye, "You are not a failure. And you are strong enough. You will get through this. We will get through this"

I let out a small hiccup and she hugged me again, murmuring soft words of comfort.

I drifted to sleep after a few minutes, Nat joining me after about ten minutes, sleeping in each others arms.

Liam's POV

"We have to do something to help the girls. Lizzy is struggling here" I said quietly, looking around the boys. They all nodded and Harry sat up a little, "I've got an idea... but it's a litle crazy" He said quietly.

Louis let out a chuckle, "We could use a little crazy" He smiled.

Lizzy's POV

I woke slightly as I felt myself being lifted, letting out a weak whine. "Sssssh Lizzy, go back to sleep" A smooth voice said, Louis.

I felt myself being sat in a seat and I let myself drift off again.

I woke to a loud roar, blinking my eyes open to a familiar sight. 

A private jet, empty of all passengers, except for five boys and two girls.

Nat, sitting at the very back, asleep, Liam sitting next to her.

Louis sitting next to me, smiling softly.

Nat stood up once she woke, walking up towards me, sitting in the window behind me, "Any idea what the hell is going on?" She whispered and Louis let out a chuckle.

I let out a sigh. It was like they were kidnapping us again or something... Nat sighed as well, leaning up against her window. “Ladies and Gentlemen we are beginning our descent now” A voice came over the intercom and Nat pulled her window open, letting out a scream.

“THAT’S THE BLOODY SKY TOWER” She screamed and I clambered over her, seeing the familiar building for myself. “We’re home” I whispered.

Louis grinned, pulling me into a hug, "Surprise" he said softly.

Just an hour later, we walked into our apartment, gazing over the familiar surroundings.

“Girls, why don’t we get changed, then we can go sightseeing?” Liam suggested, exchanging a look with Louis, both of them grinning. 

We nodded heading upstairs to Nat's bedroom, "So many memories" I whispered

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