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* Niall's P.O.V *

I watched Taylor walk toward me, i couldn't help but smile,she looked so beautiful, the lads were pinching my bum to make me laugh and blush but it only made the moment awkward, the priest said all the stuff priests usually do we said our vows and ' i do's ' and then the moment i have been waiting for... " you may now kiss your bride Mr. Horan. " the priest said. so we did.. The kiss lasted for like 30 seconds but it felt like forever... in a good way.

We all when inside for the reception. we had our first dance at husband and wife and then Allyssa and Harry said there speeches.

" When me and Taylor were in grade 8 she had slept over a lot and one night will always be my favourite, my brother had his friends Dylan and Taden over as well, they wouldn't leave us alone so we grabbed a pad out of my drawer and put fruit punch, red marker, and bingo dabbed all over it to make it look like blood, and we tried to put it on the wall but it wouldn't stick so we put it on the floor and called the boys. there faces were priceless!! they never entered my room again that night! but when Niall told me he was going to propose it was really hard not to tell Taylor, thats the biggest thing i have kept from her, but i know she is happy. even tho her last name is now Horan, she will always be my Pickel and i know i will always be her piper. i love you as a sis Pickel.. i mean Horan. " Allyssa whipped a tear from her cheek and walked over and hugged Taylor, " Nialler!! you will always be my snowflake! and the other boys will say the same! we never expected you to grow up on us but yea." as Harry said the rest of his speech a lot of us laughed at the stupid moments i had with the boys but it was worth it.

Every one was now eatting and then Harry and Allyssa stood up and started tapping the cups with a spoon. I didn't know where Niall was until i was suddenly swooped off my feet and was in Niall's arms, he looked at me and kissed me, i blushed as everyone ' awed ' he put me down and we sat down to eat our selfs. about 5 hours later everyone was gone and me and Niall were cleaning up. a Allyssa and Harry helped thank god! once we finished we headed home. i was glad to be home.

I put the kids to bed and seen Niall on the couch. i ran and laid on him and looked at him while he was half asleep. " yes princess?? " he asked. " oh nothing i just like watching you sleep cause when you are super adorable when you are sleeping " i said kissing his cheek. " thats creepy! now let's go to bed!!" He said so i got off of him and walked him to bed. im glad to be officially married to Niall.


Heyy :) lol another update soon!! And allyssa i wasn't kidding lol u will always be my piper!! ( not in a weird way i ment as a sister way ) ~Taylor

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