Chapter 3

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so I'm reading this other story and reach the end and see in the recommended reads my story! takes me a moment to get something... wait... OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE SEEN MY, yep, 4 views,1 favorite, soooo happy! to those people, thank you, you rock!

Ty's POV

"Wait," Adam said with his brow furrowed, "if Mitch and Jerome and Ty are here, we sort of have a rooming problem."

Mitch and I both turn as he says this, but I'm not sure Jerome even noticed.

"Adam, what do mean?" I ask slowly.

"Um, well, the house really only has one spare bedroom with one bed in it, I guess we could fit an air mattress in there, and someone else can also use an air mattress, but whose room will they stay in?"

Before I even finish processing what he just said, Jerome and Mitch offer to sleep in the guest room. Great. Just great.

"Ty could sleep on the floor in my room if he wants." Jason says.

"Great! So I guess there wasn't really any problems after all!" Adam laughs and everyone starts heading off to do their own thing.

"I'll show you where my room is so you can put your stuff in there."

I'm not so sure I can survive being so close to Jason while being unable to say a word.

We head upstairs and he shows me his room. It smells just like him, I love the way Jason smells.( in a totally unweird way though!)

How will I survive this???

sorry the chapter's so short, brain not wanting to write and the (only) downside to people possibly reading your story is you can't just write whenever, people probably will read more if you write more.

if someone were to leave a favorite or a comment, that would be epicly epic and if you want to sub (or is it called follow on here? can't remember) I'm thinking about maybe doing another story as well.


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