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" Hey Taylor? wanna goto Starbucks and hangout? " Allyssa asked. " yeah!! i will pick you up in 10. " " Ok! "

So in about 20 minutes we were there and you will never guess who we seen there.

* Niall's P.O.V *

I was at Harry's with the kids so Jake, Ariel & Darcy could play. " so do you think that like Jake and Darcy will end up dating?!" harry asked. " i hope not! they will be best friends and if they date them break up it will ruin there friendship." i said giving Jake some Cheerios. " wow true but dud you've been listening to Taylor & Allyssa talk for way to long haha you sound like them!! " " Ha ha very funny! but im so excited for next week man! are u still good to be my best man? the rest of the boys are gonna be standing with me haha i couldn't choose one so i chose all haha!" i said " yea of corse! i wouldn't miss it for the world. is Ariel and Jake gonna be the ring man and flower girl? " " Yea Taylor asked Allyssa to hold her cause she cant walk yet. " i said as i walked over to the fridge. " damn it Harry! you have absolutely nothing to eat!! " I said just to bug him haha i was of corse kidding cause his fridge is like heaven.

* Allyssa's P.O.V *

" Jacob? Mitchell? is that you?? " I said looking at Taylor shocked. Jacob and Mitchell were our grade school friends. Jacob had short brown hair that was put into a small quiff. Mitchell had short dirty blonde hair that was also put into a small quiff. " Hey Allyssa, hey Taylor! " Jacob said. " here come sit with us!!" Mitchell said. Jacob and Mitchell were my grade school crushes but when i moved out here i sort of forgot about them. " Hey babe can you get what i usually get? " Jacob said. wait did Jacob just call Mitchell 'babe' ?! " Uhh? Jacob did you just call Mitchell babe??? " Taylor said. "oh haha yea after me and Allyssa broke up and she moved here i realized i had no interest in girls... it was Mitchell i fell for..." Omfg hahaha i never seen that coming!! but i never thought he would lose interest in girls when we broke up.... " So girls whats new?? " they both asked. " well remember that boyband we were obsessed with when we were kids? well I'm engaged with Niall and Allyssa's married to Harry.. you know from One Direction. pfft and you always called them gay..... look whos talking! " Taylor said laughing. " Taylor!!stop it!! well yea and i have a little girl named Darcy and Taylor has 2 Jake and Ariel." The looks on there faces were priceless!

* Jacob's P.O.V *

Wow she moved on... but i hadn't and no one knew.. not even Mitchell.... i never thought this would happen.. i almost started to cry but i held it in. i should have never called that band gay! i was just jealous she liked Harry and she didn't seem to like me but thats the past.. "so Taylor when is the wedding? " Jacob asked. " Thursday! if u guys are in town your more then welcome to come!"

* the wedding * * Jacob's P.O.V *

" Mitchell hurry up were going to be late" i yelled as my boyfriend walked in the room. " Jacob hunny you need to chill, its only Taylors wedding. If we are late she wont care shes known us since grade school." Mitchell said, as he finished saying that i forgot why i wanted to go so bad, maybe its because Allyssa will be there or maybe cause its my old friend. I think im falling for allyssa again!


Hey sorry this took so long but ya :/ ~Taylor

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