Chapter 26

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Madelyn’s POV

            Great news, the scans came back clear. Miles is officially cancer free. I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

            As I read my mom’s text, tears welled up in my eyes. I wiped them away carefully, not wanting to mess up my makeup. Tonight was the Academy Awards and I didn’t want to redo my makeup.

            “Babe, what’s wrong?” Justin walked into the room. I showed him the text.

            “That’s so great!” He hugged me, kissing the top of my forehead.

            “You look sexy, babe.” I stepped back from him and examined his red carpet look. He was wearing an all black suite with a black tux with a hint of red on the pocket.

            “You’re not looking too shabby yourself, Mad.” He took my finger and twirled me around to look at the back. My dress was red. The lower half was covered in lace. The front was low cut, but not too scandalous, hugging me in all the right places. The back dropped all the way down to my lower back. Alfredo had went with me to pick it out, we both knew Justin would love it.

            “You know I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off of you.” He laughed as he placed his hands on my hips pulling me close.

            “Well I have a special surprise for you tonight, so that is perfectly fine.” I kissed him back.

Justin’s POV

            “Madelyn. You look awesome, but the car is here. We have to go!” I laughed as I slipped on my shoes. I glanced into the bathroom where Madelyn was meticulously putting on mascara.

            “Okay, I’m ready!” She turned around and smiled at me. I was blown away by how beautiful she looked. Her dress couldn’t have been more perfect, her hair was pulled into a loose bun perfectly, and her makeup was perfect.

            I took her hand and led her down the stairs. The limo was waiting in the driveway. We got in and we were on our way to a fabulous night.

            “Madelyn, really, you are outshining me. Stop being so perfect.” I whispered into her ear as we walked along the red carpet. She couldn’t help but bust out laughing. The paparazzi were eating her up. They loved her, but not as much as I did.

            “I cannot believe I am actually at the Academy Awards.” She whispered. The show had started, but we weren’t really paying attention. Madelyn was looking so sexy, I was having trouble concentrating on anything else.

            “You’re dating Justin Bieber. You didn’t ever think that we would come?”

            “Okay, Justin Bieber, don’t be cocky. It’s unattractive.”

            “I am so terribly attracted to you right now I don’t even know what I’m saying. I am so turned on I would have sex with you right here in this theater. In front of billions of people.”

            Madelyn turned and looked at me. “I cannot believe you just said that!” She laughed, trying to be quiet.

            “It’s true. Only twenty more minutes of this show, and then we will just make an appearance at the Vanity Fair after party. And then,” I paused, “well, use your imagination.” I winked at her. She playfully slapped my knee.

            “You are such a horndog.” She whispered back, still laughing.

Madelyn’s POV

            “Justin! Come here, there is someone I want you to meet!” Usher grabbed Justin and whisked him away from me. We had only been at the after party for a half hour, but I could tell Justin was dying to get out of here. I wanted to stay for a little longer, though; mostly, because I loved to watch him squirm.

            Suddenly alone, I began to look around to see who else was here. It was early in the party, so it was still pretty empty. As I finished my look around, I nearly gasped when I saw who was awkwardly standing next to me. She saw me, and I decided to be the bigger person.

            “Hey, I don’t think we have ever met. I’m Madelyn Johnson.” I held out my hand.

            “Selena Gomez,” she took my hand, “nice to meet you.” She smiled, but I couldn’t tell if it was sincere.

            “I know there’s been a lot of drama between us, even though we haven’t ever met, but I just wanted to introduce myself. And, as they say, clear the air.”

            “Well consider the air clear, I know I made a big deal of Justin leaving me for you, but he obviously knew what he was doing. You guys have been together for a long time, way longer than Justin and I would have ever been together. I’m happy for you, I really am.”

I tried not to let my mouth drop. I knew that sooner or later this moment would happen, but I didn’t expect her to be this nice about it. Maybe it was because it had been over four years, but maybe she was just a really nice person.

“Thanks Selena. That means a lot.”

Justin’s POV

            As I looked around for Madelyn, I gasped when I saw her. She was talking to Selena. This cannot end up well, I thought as I marched towards them.

            “Hey!” Madelyn greeted me as I stood beside her. Without even realizing it, I put my arm around her.

            “Hey Selena.” I didn’t know what else to say.

            “Justin.” She smiled. “Madelyn was just telling me about your puppies. They sound adorable.”

            “They are quite the pair those two.” I laughed, still very uncomfortable. This was the first time Selena had talked to me since I broke up with her.

            “Hey everybody!” Nick Jonas came up and put his arm around Selena. Everybody greeted him. I introduced him to Madelyn, and then I decided that was as much awkward as I could take for the day.

            “Okay, Mads, I think we should head home to our puppies.” Everyone laughed as we said goodbye. I led Madelyn out to the street where the car was waiting.

            We hadn’t been home for five minutes and Madelyn and I were already panting as we made our way to the bedroom.

            “Wait.” She said as I started to undo the clasp on her dress. She ran to the bathroom. “I just want to get it hung up so it doesn’t wrinkle.” She yelled. “And, I wanted to show you this.” She walked seductively back into the bedroom, wearing a very sexy, very see through short dress. I sat up as my eyes bugged out of my head. Madelyn didn’t normally wear lingerie, so this was a first.

            “Madelyn Kate Johnson.” I laughed as she climbed on top of me. “Prepare to have the best sex of your life.” She kissed me. “I haven’t ever been more turned on in my entire life. You just look so..”

            “Honey, I’m happy for you, but I’m trying to have hot steamy sex with you right now. Stop talking.”

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