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*Allyssa's P.O.V*

" Harry i hate you!!! i cant believe you did this! "

" Babe i-im sorry! its management there making me!!" I started to cry.... " Forget it Harry you kissed her... i seen you! " Harry was crying now we were Both crying. " Get out of my face Harry, i never want to see you again!"

" Allyssa!! princess wake up! " i opened my eyes to see harry shaking me and whispering loudly. " Hhhmmm what time i-is it? " i said rubbing my eyes. " its 2:30am... what's wrong? you were tossing and turning and talking in your sleep for about 20 minutes. " Harry said rubbing my shoulder. " yeah.... just a bad dream now let's go to sleep. " His body was then up against mine and put his arm around my waist, that made me feel a lot better.

* Niall's P.O.V *

Taylor was out with my mom and her mom to pick out a wedding dress for our wedding in a couple months. I already have my tux picked. i was holding Ariel and Jake was in his playpen watching the TV, they were both perfect. " Jake you better protect your sister! i will show you how a real man treats girls! And Ariel if your in danger come to me or Jake. " they both smiled.

" Nialler!? " I herd a sweet innocent voice. It was Taylor. " In the living room! " i yelled. Ariel was passed out in my arm and Jake was still watching TV. " any luck finding a dress?? " i asked putting Ariel in her crib. " yeah i found one but your mom is keeping it so it doesn't get ruined. " awe that sucks... i wanted to see her in it! "Well I'm off to bed, good night daddy Horan" she kissed me on the cheek and went up stairs. daddy Horan?? Lol is she on crack or something haha she has never called me that!! oh well.

" TAYLOR!?" I yelled. " what Niall?" she said half asleep. " Jake wont settle down!! i need your help... please." so she did... she makes it seem so easy all she did was give him his bottle and rub his back. " Thank you Tay... " i said hugging her. " o-ok let's go to bed now." she almost fell asleep while hugging me so i picked her up and carried her... " good night Nialler " she said. and she fell asleep.

* Allyssa's P.O.V *

" Allyssa can u change the diapers cause if i do it i will be cleaning a lot more the poop... " i knew what he ment by that haha he was so adorable. " of corse but your cleaning the #1's! " " How will i tell which is which?" he asked. " you smell her bum... if it smells she pooped.. if her diaper is bulgy the she peed now can we change the topic we are eating." I said. " oh Allyssa Niall and Taylor and the kids are coming over for dinner... i finally got a hold of Niall... he said its been crazy over there. " he said putting his plate in the dish washer. " ok thats fine. " i handed harry my plate

and hopped in the shower.


Heyy sorry it took me so long i didnt know what to put lol but yea there will be two new characters in the next chapter ~ Taylor :)

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