Chapter 1

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Gair's POV


My alarm clock was blaring, as I jumped up in a hot sweat.

That was the scariest dream I've ever had. I could still feel goose bumps on my arms.

Stretching a little bit, I got up from my bed and quickly got dressed.

I walked out of my room, down the hallway and into my kitchen, where I hurried and made toast.

I had to hurry, if I wanted to make it to work.

My job was about thirty minutes away, but the traffic was usually horrendous.

Finally arriving after flipping off and cursing at people, while driving, I parked way in the back where employees park and walked in from the back.

Sigh. My life was a bore.

Putting on my apron, I walked in and clocked in.

"Good Morning Gair." the manager, Harold, said, "It's already getting full hurry up."

I nodded and walked out taking order after order, cleaning tables, and taking their cash.

Yeah I am a 27 year old who works at a little diner, doing absolutely nothing with my life.

It sucks, if you were wondering.

After finally getting a break, I order a Cheese Burger and fries with a coke.

"Waiter." a man said sitting next to me.

I ignored him, since I was obviously on break.

"Haha don't ignored me oh so cute one." he said.

I already knew who it was. His voice was just so annoying.

"What Paul." I said taking a bite of my Burger.

Paul was one of my old college friends. He was good looking, in a perfect type of way.

He always had his hair slicked back and always wore a suit no matter what.

His hair was pitch black and his eyes were a deep green.

We tried dating back then, but we just stook to being friends. We found it to be much more fun.

"So I found this great strip club you seeeeeeee." he whispered dragging the "e" out, "I heard there were some sexy guys there."

"Paul. You know how I -" I started but was cut off by him.

"Come on Gair." he said, "You're 25 for christs sake. At least try to have a life."

I guess he was right...

"Fine." I sighed out loud, "Get out of here before my boss yells at you."

Paul saluted me and told me he'd pick me up at nine.

I laughed and nodded, as I watched him walk out with a lot of stares from lonely looking women.

He is cheering for the wrong team ladies.

I almost laughed out loud at that thought.

What a sad life.

Right before closing, a man with beautiful blue eyes and what looked to be black to purple hair down to his shoulders, walked in.

"Good evening sir," I said greeting him normally even though I was in shock. "What would you like?"

"A cup of coffee please." he said with such a beautiful tone in his voice, "That will be all."

I nodded my head and got him the coffee leaving to sit by the bar.

He was the only person and I really want to get out of there.

I needed to go home and shower, so I could be ready for Paul. It was already 7:00.

The man drank his coffee after about five minutes. He quickly paid and walked out.


After cleaning the place up a bit, I clocked out and walked to my car.

After driving home, which took even longer than usual, I finally arrived and got into the shower.

It only took me about thirty minutes to get fully ready and by then, it was already 9:00.

I looked into the mirror and liked what I saw. I had dirty blond hair that went down to my ears with deep brown eyes. I picked a black button-up shirt with some nice dress pants and some nice dress shoes. I had a slight tan from the California sun, that made me look even more luring.

I smiled at myself and then frowned. How was I so alone?

Paul waltzed into my house, since he had a spare key and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Ready?" he purred in my ear.

"Yes..." I sighed and grabbed my jacket.

This would be a night to remember, yet it turned out to be the worst night of my life.

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