Destinee Love

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It was quiet; you could here a pin drop. The room was still.
Sitting beside my best friend , Devon , in math class and Science class was the only thing I could look forward in a day.
It was still 3rd period. Math wasn't until 4th and Science wasn't until 6th.
I have 15 more minutes until I would be beside my best friend to load down on the latest gossip.

Did I ever introduce myself? My name is Destinee Love. I am 15 and in 10th grade, along with the other 104 people in my grade..
I haven't been in a relationship sense I was like 4, but you couldn't really call that a relationship. I guess I'm just not appealing to the eye.
I have dark brown hair, mistakenly seen as black; along with my eyes, that range from blues and deep greens.
I am not the skinniest and I don't have that many friends. My dad left when I was little and all I have is my mom, grandparents, and the usual , Aunts, Uncles, etc.

"Class dismissed" said Mrs. Frankly. I guess the bell rang and I didn't even notice. Students have 5 minutes to get to the bathroom and belongings in that amount of time. I honestly don't know how I'm still managing. I get early to class and take my seat. Right after I do, Devon sits next to me.

Devon is the average girl; Blond hair with blue eyes. Everyone wants to date her or be her. We met when we were in 4th grade and we haven't been apart sense.

"What's been happening with you?" Devon says. "Nothing really, honestly.." I replied
" Oh, well, do you have last nights homework assignment completed?" She asks. "Yes. Here, I'm not sure if they are right though."
"They will do." She says in return

I am really smart; A and B student actually. Devon normally copies off of me anyway, but hey, what are friends for?

I was holding something back to tell her. There was this boy. His name, Aaron, gave me butterflies just to think about it. He wouldn't ever notice me though. He was a big football star and everyone loved him. It never happens that the nerdy girl gets a popular guy like that, only in the movies.

I didn't really know Aaron all to well. I just thought he was cute.

I don't normally tell anyone who I like or anything because word gets around in my school. It's like spreading wild fire.

Through math class, I did what I was to do and I didn't really say much to Devon. All we did was make fun of the math teacher, Mr. Grier, of how his pants were up to his chin.


Before I knew it, it was time to go home. Home; the place where your supposed to feel safe and able to do anything you want.

I took off my makeup, washed my face, and got into some clean, comfy clothes. That night was Toco night, so we had Toco Bell.

I was so tired and I haven even done anything to tire me out! I just don't know.

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