A/N Update finally well i was in chicago and i updated friday but oh well there might be drama coming up later in the story and I decided to make this story longer!! Now this story takes place in 2013 I skipped a few months so just go with it now it's present time anyways don't forget to vote,comment and tell other people about this story.

Camila's POV

I'ts been a while since I moved from california to florida but it's great! I still don't know who's after me and I'm worried. Me and Harry are still doing great. He's got 4 more months and yep 4 more they added more dates to the tour longer time seeing him. It's november and (A/N im switching her birthday to july 6th) I miss him terribly. I honestly need friends now that nicole is dead I'm alone.

I was sitting in my apartment and decided to see what's going on for the news. While it was going on commercial I decided to check twitter and I saw that hendall was trending I was confused but shook it off. Did I also mention the boys have a new cd? well they do also 5th harmony is doing great! anyways I was on twitter and people were mentioning I miss Camarry </3 okay seriously what's going on? I locked my phone and watched E!news "So yesterday Harry styles from british boy band one direction was caught leaving hotel with Kendall jenner! The couple was seen going out to dinner before and they left together today and took her out to a bar later that night." I was shocked I can't believe he is cheating on me I trusted him I was probably sobbing right now. I decided to text Harry.

To Harry

I can't believe you I trusted you with everything and you go on cheating on me with Kendall jenner?! I gave you 2 chances and you ruined them. It's over Harry don't text me or call me ever again.

3 minutes later

from harry

Good! I'm glad its over i never even loved you kendall is way better then you.

I was full on sobbing right now I can't believe he never cared. I thought i loved him and he loved me i guess I was wrong

Harry's POV

I feel awful Camila seen the cheating video probably I was drunk (A/N i know he wasn't but go with it) and remembered going to the hotel and we just went to dinner as friends before. I was currently in my room trying to get Kendall to leave but she refused "But why do i need to leave?" she whined "Because were not even together now get out!" i screamed back "Well that's not what everyone else thinks" she muttered back. i sighed I walked into the bathroom. I needed to explain to Camila. I came out of the bathroom and saw kendall on my phone she texted someone and was smirking. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I yelled at her "Just sent someone a little message you should really put on a passcode" she said while walking out the door. Great just great we were doing so good until this. I packed a bunch of bags and drove to the airport and got a flight to florida.

Camila's POV 

I was currently watching comedy movie's when I heard a knock on the door. I sighed and got up please be my pizza I ordered. I opened up the door my eyes widened "Harry what are you doing here?!" I snarled at him "Camila let me explain please!" I scoffed and tried closing the door but Harry stopped it "Just leave! you said you never wanted to be with me go be with Kendall!!" i screamed at him. "Camila look I was drunk I would never cheat on you! Yes we had dinner but as friends we were never dating in the first place! And she was the one to texted you that message!" he yelled "I don't believe you" i said quietly. "Camila please believe me! I love you and only you!" he said while crying i feel like he isn't lying. "You sure you aren't lying?" I said back "Yes I wouldn't want to hurt you." he said back quietly "Fine one more chance that's all you get." i said back sternly he just smiled and kissed me I kissed back. I pulled apart "Well I gotta go back to California since we have a concert on friday and I never told management." I laughed oh gosh i'm glad i gave him another chance "Well bye and good luck at your concert!!" he gave me one quick kiss and left. I had a plan to do.

The next day I got on my computer and looked for flights to L.A I wanted to suprise Harry at his concert I told Niall my plan and he told me it was a great idea he told the guard i was gonna suprise Harry on friday and it was sunday right now. After I shut my computer off i got into the shower and got dressed for today. i decided to go to the mall since I was bored. When I got there it's not really the same I used to go to the mall with Nicole and memory's were brought up. I had just gotten my iced tea and headed to the shops I wasn't paying attention because I ran into someone spilling my tea all over me "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" a girl with blue hair she had an accent maybe irish? I looked up and It was Jade Thirwall! o my gosh I love little mix! "It's okay! I said to her." she looked up "Oh my gosh your Camila Cabello!" she said "You shouldn't be freaking out Im a huge fan of little mix!" i said back laughing she just laughed "Well let me buy you a new drink!" she said back "No it's okay!" i said back "No really let me get you a new one!" i sighed "If you want to" i mumbled back 

Wow jade is super nice! "Jade I'm actually quite glad I met you! It's been so lonely since my group is visiting family and we don't have a tour for a while." i said back to her "Same here I came here for vacation on my own call me a loner but then i actually moved here with my boyfriend Sam since there is a studio in florida that little mix records at sometimes." i nodded while taking a sip of my drink "So you and Harry styles eh?" i blushed "Were doing great we got over that rumor and im gonna suprise him on friday at his concert in L.A!" i said with a big smile "Same with Perrie and Zayn." i smiled "Well my boyfriend Sam is gone for the week wanna have a week long sleepover?!" she asked with a big smile I laughed "Sure!" I said back to her we got our bags and drove to her house.

"Let's get this party started" she said with a smirk holding movies candy and ice cream

A/N So i decided to add Jade thirwall since i love little mix so much! like no joke i do but Camila needed a new best friend so I added her!:) Hope you guys are enjoying this and I will update Wednesday!:)

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