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I woke up and Niall was still sleeping, he was so cute! i quietly got out of bed and got Jake and went down stairs to make breakfast.

As i was flipping the pancake i felt to muscular arms wrap around me.

" What ya makin? " he asked in his morning voice, damn was that hot. " im making Jake pancakes.... your breakfast is on the table! " he stole some pancake batter and made a funny face. " ewwe! what the? " he asked, " well what do u think it was?? cupcake mix?!" he looked up realizing my sarcasm " uhh noo....... " he was lying i could tell. I gave him a look and he confessed " ok ok i did..... but that, is not, cupcake mix!! " oh god why was he so adorable!? " right!! thats why its called pancake mix Ni.. " i sat on his lap and stole some of his bacon. " ummm excuse me?! you did not just steal the Niall Horan's bacon!!!! you know your gonna have to pay for this! " he was serious to, " depends what i have to pay.. " i said turning in his direction. " how about a kiss? " then his lips joined mine, I looked at Jake and his face was full of pancake. Just as that happened i felt a smile come to Niall's face. " Dadadadadadada." at that moment me and Niall stopped the kiss and looked at each other in shock. " did he? " I said with my eyes widened. " HA! HE SAID DADA FIRST NOT MAMA! " I could tell Niall was proud so i let him brag. " good job Jake!! thats right! dadadad! " Jake started smiling and laughing at Niall. i swear this was the cutest moment ever!!

" Niall... grab Jake.... i- i think i need to go to the hospital...." i smiled at him and he agreed because he new the Ariel was coming. " when we get there... c-call Allyssa." I got in the car and it took about 20 minutes but it seemed like forever! but i finally got a room and Niall called Allyssa. " Hey Allyssa! it's Niall on Tay's phone, im at the hospital cause Taylor's about to have the baby. " Allyssa told me she was on her way.

Niall came in and held my hand. he was nervous, " it's gonna be ok Tay. " he said, he was so sweet. about 3 hours later Ariel was here and the nurses had her. the doctor went to get Allyssa and harry so they could see her but i made sure Niall got to hold her first.

* Niall's P.O.V*

She is beautiful.... she defiantly is a princess! she has my Ocean blue eyes!! she looks like me a lot haha! " Taylor..... s-shes beautiful.. " i felt a tear run down my cheek. " awwe Ni!!! but the doctor said i can get ready to go home. " Taylor said with he sleepy voice. " Well let's go home! common Jake! were gonna go home. " I had Jake in one arm and Ariel in her car seat. 3 years ago on X-factor i had no idea this would happen.

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