last night

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I don't want you to feel bad I just had to write this out so it wasn't stuck inside of me. Please don't feel bad.


I spent last night reaching my post limit on tumblr 

I tried to think as little as possible

you see thinking is never a good thing for me, I always end up sad or angry, mostly from my own doing

I spent last night in the bathtub with a faint light on letting my tears salt the warm water

I don't know why i thought it was a good idea to seclude myself even more, I ended up wallowing in my self pity 

I spent last night trying to fall asleep at ten o'clock but my mind wouldn't let me shut off until at least twelve

I spent last night wishing I wasn't alone

I spent last night wishing I could be anywhere besides my own head 

I wish I could be the person I used to be 

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