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* Taylor's P.O.V*

" Niall?? I need your help!! " I was 3 days past my dew date for Ariel, Niall was great taking over with Jake. " Yes princess?? " he said peaking around the corner, " i- i cant reach the cookies! there on t-top of the fridge! " i gave him puppy-dog eyes hopping he will grab them. " you made cookies?! when? how come i didn't know about this?! damn i need to look up there more often!! but i will only grab them if i can have one! " he said crossing his arms. he always did this when it comes to me not being able to reach food. " fine. and give one to Jake. " i said kissing his cheek. " yaay!!!!! " he said jumping up and down. " your such a child.... now hurry! im hungry! " so he grabbed 3 cookies and ran off to Jake's high chair where he was sitting.

* Niall's P.O.V *

I woke up at 2am because i couldn't sleep so as i watched Taylor peacefully sleeping i quietly walk over to the fridge to grab a bit to eat.

" Grrr nothin good, i guess i will have some cherries." I walked back to the bedroom and laid down. " Ni? What the hell r u eating?? " oh crap " cherries.... want one? " oh god she will probably be mad i woke her up, " no but go to bed its like 2 in the morning! " she was so hot with her morning raspy voice. " after i finish my cherries, but turn over so i don't keep you up, you need your sleep you know! " and by the time i said that she had turned over and already sleeping.

I finished my cherries and laid down. I grabbed Taylor's hand and drifted off to sleep.

* Allyssa's P.O.V *

" Haz...... haz i can't sleep " i whispered so i didn't startle him. " Babe, come closer. " I backed up and harry put his arms around me, he always cuddled with me when i couldn't sleep, but thats ok i felt safer that way. after that i drifted off to sleep.


Heyy this one was short but the next one will be longer! i promise :) xo ~ Tay

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