Ellington Imagine

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Laying in bed next to your boyfriend Ellington. He was sleeping but, he looked scared. He had been having nightmares lately and it worried you.

He started shaking and screaming

"no no NO" he screamed.

"Ell baby wake up" you said shaking him.

He shot up and looked at you tears in his eyes.

"(y/n).. babe"

you covered your mouth and cried.

"you scared me" you choked.

He grabbed your face.

"If anything happens to you I would know what to do I just-" you cut him off with a gentle kiss. He pulled you closer. you rested your head on in the spot where his neck went into his shoulder.

"I love you" you whipsered.

You wanted to stay like this.

"I love you too babe" he says kissing your forehead.

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