Chapter 10 <3

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Desiree's POV

I remembered dressing in a floral black bubble dress with wide straps.

We were on the way to Gemma's funeral.

I tightly held Harry's hand as we pulled into a parking space. He hadn't said a single word since we had gotten in the black Range Rover. I gave him a reassuring squeeze and hopped out of the car, straightening my dress. He swiftly walked over to meet me again. I took his hand and we started off toward the plain brown brick building.

In the main hall, I specifically remember, there was a brightly lit chandler with hundreds of crystals, glittering, casting small rainbows around the room. Thats about as cheery as the place got though.

All was going all right until suddenly Harry had frozen right in his spot. I followed his line of sight and saw the cherry oak casket directly across the room. I tried to distract him by pulling him closer to me, but he seemed petrified.

"Its going to be okay. She is okay. You are okay. Its okay." I whispered, trying to per sway him, giving his cold hand a squeeze.

He looked back down and met my eyes.

"I cant do this, Des" He whispered, pain written all over his face.

"We'll take this one step at a time. I'll be here the whole time. No need to-"

"No, I cant do this," Harry more urgently whispered, tears threatening to spill out of his eyes.

I couldn't let him blame himself for this anymore.

Quietly, I lead him outside to a bench as he sat down next to me. After a few quiet moments, he took my hand in his,

And he kissed me.

Something in the warm magic of his lips moving against mine made me only want more. I moved into him and his grasp became tighter. When I finally opened my eyes, I leaned back, a bit shocked actually. I really hadn't ever felt something like this with anyone before.

"Im sorry," he said, backing away, "Im just a bit confused at the moment, I dont know what I was thinking, god I'm so stupid," he was rambling on, his hands in tight fists at his sides.

"No don't apologize, I don't mind, I liked it," I said smiling sweetly, closing the distance between us again. I intertwined my fingers with his, breaking through his tightly clenched fists.

"Nothing to worry about," I assured him, giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

"Mmmhmmm," He hummed. "I think its time you met my mom."

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