I put the promise ring given to me buy my special person :) in a place i knew nobody would ever look ( My underwear drawer )

And went to bed


NOVEMBER 18 2013 , 6:12

I woke up to my alarm and took my shower and today was the worst day of the month ( Lady problem day ) I did my hygiene things and put on some black skinny jeans and a zebra print long sleeved crop top with some boots and i wore my hair down and curly today

Today was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break and it's usually me and my brother at golden corral it's actually nice though because we get to talk and stuff i know Thanksgiving is a day for Family but my mom don't care like at all and she has not been here in like 3 days i would say im worried about her i mean don't get me wrong i am but she has once stayed out a month like where have you been

I walked to the bus stop and this big black van came out of no where and people with flashing cameras and microphones came tumbling out of it they where screaming my name and asking stuff i didn't know what they where saying what is this


I was looking out my window after i got myself looking beautiful and i see YN ugly ass walk out and then i see a van pull up and poperotsi come out of it and they start taking pictures of her why is this bitch famous and not me i want to be famous she anit special

I know you are wondering why do i always bother this girl

To be honest i really don't have a problem with her it's just that bitch Alex she had Jacob and i had to get him from her YN was just alittle helping piece of the puzzle but now that i got Jacob i could care less i still don't like YN though she thinks she is the shit just because she doesn't curse and she has curly natural hair everybody can't have that i have to knock that bitch into her place every now and then of course i have my crew but they only help me jump her

Why don't you just leave YN alone and just jump Alex you ask

Because Alex fights back and i can't get this beautiful face ruined sure i could get someone to do it for me but she can still fight i had to get Jacob from her and i did and now that her EGO is knocked back into shape and her self esteem is not high all i have to finish the job and Jazzy i actually don't have a problem with her she is cool so nothing bad to say about her

But back to YN basic ass now she is trying to get with Ray bitch swerve she i know i like Jacob and Ray and when i like something I GET IT I don't give 2 shits about what it fucking takes as long as i get it. point blank Some bitches try to step to me and i knock them hoes down and after the whole Alex insadent pulling out my hair oh I'm defidently getting the bitch back she wont know what hit her but i have the feeling she will know WHO hit her and YN

Laylona- Sissy, sissy that's the girl i was telling you about

Rachel- oh so that's why she is famous

Laylona- She is nice

Rachel- shutup Laylona go get ready for school

Laylona- but --( GCO)

Rachel- shut the fuck up and do what i told you

she is 6 years old and can't do as told always has to talk the fuck back

Laylona- But Rach--(GCO)


Rachel- bitch shut up and do what i said

She walked away crying i don't give a fuck she shouldn't have talked back to me I looked out the window again

Rachel- oh YN I've got something instored for you and your little friend

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