As i finally get home i decide to order pizza and decide to watch a movie. When the pizza gets here i decide to watch Ted cause its's so fucking funny and that reminds me to call Kendall to see what i missed at Drama i didn't go cause i was to pissed and upset so yeah "pick up, pick up" i whisper to myself "Hello?" "hey, umm i was wondering what i missed at Drama" "Oh well we decided to do the play of Peter Pan, but why weren't you there?" "Oh, umm.... i'll tell you tomorrow but thanks see you tomorrow" "Okay bye" "bye" then i hang up the phone. Then relise how late it is and go upstairs to my room and lay down Soon falling asleep.

"They say that love is forever, your forever is all that i need please stay as long as you need, cant promise that things wont be broken but i swear that i will never leave" the sleeping with sirens song rings through my phone and it's 3:30 am who the hell texts people at 3:30 i open it up and it says "let me in" da fuck! "who is this?" i text back. "just let me in" so i go down stairs and open the door reveling a soaking wet boy with messy brown curls "Harry?" "Can i come in?" he asks so i move out of the way "what are you doing here?" i ask while making tea "My parents kicked me out of my house, and i was wondering if i could stay here, I've been standing out there knocking for an hour" "oh, i guess, but how did you find were i live and how do you know were i live?" "oh i asked Cubby, and i asked Cubby but thank you!" he says hugging me and swinging me around. "oh by the way nice outfit" he says with a wink i look down seeing that i have no pants on, i hide my face in my hands and run up stairs to put on pants.

I come back down and see him laying on the couch, "I'll take the couch you can sleep in my bed" "no it's fine" "you're up stairs" "okay" he says throwing his hands up in defeat. i lay down on the couch trying to sleep when he come back down holding a thong and lacy bra "i would love to see you wear this" he says "why the fuck do you have that?!" "cause i'm lonely, and i came down here to get you" he says with a puppy dog face "fine lets go" "Yay!!" he says like a child. When we get up there we both crawl into the bed and he pulls me close next to him.

My alarm wakes me up the next day and i look over seeing the boy searching for my body noticing it's gone. And i walk into the bathroom turning on the water and taking my pj's off and getting in. After washing my hair and body i get out wrapping my body in a towel walking out into my bedroom noticing the boy gone and someone comes up behind me and grabs my waist i jump and turn around seeing Harry "you left me by myself, and took a shower without me" he whines like a child "get over it" i say and walk into my closet grabbing red skinnies and a pierce the veil shirt, then i go into the bathroom doing my make up and hair today i decide to put it up in a ponytail, grabbing my black toms. Then i go down stairs and see him sitting on the couch eating a poptart "Ready?" i ask "yep" we go outside and get in the truck Kendall and Autumn don't need rides on Tuesday's so it's just me and Harry. I plug in my phone and listen to my music as we drive to school

after what seems like FOREVER lunch finally comes and me and Kendall are in line waiting for food "So why weren't you at drama" "be-" i was cut off by Nevaeh "because i kissed her boyfriend" "Bitch you wanna get punched again" "bring it" i punch her in the face again "ratchet ass hoe" i say as she lies on the floor."Bitch" yedira comes into this "You wanna get punched to skank!" "fuck yes, i'd like to see you try" i swung and kendall cought it "it's not worth it" "Fuckin hoe" i say.

I drive home alone and decide to stop at McDonalds "welcome to Mcdonalds what can i get you?" the voice box thingy says "A large fry and medium coke" "okay that'll be 6.47 at the first window" after i pay and leave i get home and eat my fries while watching Jersey Shore.

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