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"Shadowhunters," Jace repeats again.

I cannot believe this. How is that possible. Daniel? A shadowhunter.

"How to you know?" I whisper.

"She, I was once with," the words come out as a sad whisper. It hurts a bit, but I haven't seen her yet.

"And Daniel?" I need to know why he thinks Daniel is a shadowhunter.

"Daniel," he says," I see his rune tattoos sticking out from his shirt collar, and a bit on his hand."

No wonder, I saw Daniel with a tattoo. I didn't think it was a rune! This is not what I ever expected. My life can never be normal. I clear my throat, but before I ask anything, Jace grabs my hands and he storms out of the café.

"Jace! What the hell!" He's been mad before, but never really this shocked. "Explain to me that look and her and what as this is!" I'm in shocked but I don't mean to sound mad. I take a couple if deep breaths then say is again,"Jace, please explain this."

"Clary, she's an....ex," the last words are a whisper.

"Okay, and Daniel?" Why do I care more?

"The rune tattoos, I noticed them and i don't know he seemed familiar."


"Yes," he really doesn't want to talk about it.

"Well can we please atleast-" just then Daniel stormed out of the cafe.


"What?" Before I turn Jace gives him a glare like he might kill him.

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't know that this was Juliet's ex, and that you two...yeah," he seems really embarrassed about it all.

"Well I hope she's fine if we go back in," I say casually.

"What!" Both Jace and Daniel say at the same time. Daniel with surprise. Jace with annoyance. "Come on Jace. It'll be for a while, then we can head back to the institute." He makes a rhetorical comment, but doesn't protest. I kiss his cheek, an we all head back in.

Daniel's POV:

What.the.hell. This night is going to suck. Those thoughts pass through my mind every time I see Juliet's face when she looks at Clary. She better not kill her. Then I remember that Clary is also a shadowhunter. Two girls fighting for the same bastard. Great. Maybe they will kill him in the process.

You think after hearing about him and fighting him I could atleast manage talking to him, but no. I just want to punch him. For hurting Juliet. For being with Clary.

I'm so lost in thought I don't notice Juliet asking Jace how he met Clary. I almost miss the story. Almost.

"We met at a club, she saw me kill a demon. She was-is-brave. It must have been love at first sight for her, or both of us."

Under the table I feel Juliet squeeze my hand with anger. She must really hate this. Seeing him in love and all. The nigh might turn out well until Juliet opens her big mouth. "So Jace, want to tell Clary out story?" She says with a flirty tone. Clary looks a bit awkward, and I really want to hit Juliet now. Jace just glares at her and casually say, "no. We have no story." That pisses off Juliet. Se begins to yell.

"Liar! When we met you were a flirt! I fell for you! But all you wanted was to make out! I thought maybe things could change. That was when summer started!"

Clary's eyes grow wide and I can't tell if it's hurt. Jace doesn't even look at Clary to see her face, he just looks a bit angered. "Clary would you like to go?" He asks.

"Huh? Oh umm no."

That takes him back. I jump in.

"Jace your girlfriend is a great artist. She's been going me classes after school." Juliet kicks me in the shin for that. Jace in the other hand....

"Yes I know he's an exquisite artist, I've seen her art pad. So that's where you've been?" Jace seems calm, but seems to realize something.

"Yeah," says Clary," I didn't think you minded. So Juliet, how did you and Daniel start dating."


Juliet starts to laugh, "what! We aren't dating! Hahaha!" This is horrible.

"But Daniel I thought you said you had a girlfriend," Clary says. Jace gives a chuckle. By the angel, I really want to give him a black eye.

"I said I had a girl who's a friend," I say. Nice save. Clary seems to understand that.

We all chat for a while, Juliet squeezing my hand constantly. An hour later Jace and Clary leave. Clary goes out the door first. Before Jace leaves he says, "guess I'll be seeing you at school." He smirks then leaves. What!!

Juliet turns to look at me, then says, "I hate you."

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