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* 24 hours later *

" Mr. and Mrs.Styles you are free to go home now, congrats on the baby! " the doctor said. I was so glad i can go home and shower and show Darcy her new home.

Our flat was so clean when we got home it was nice. i hope Taylor comes over. I miss her and Niall and Jake. but mostly Jake.

I plugged my phone into my portable speaker and turned the volume to 75 so it wasn't to loud but loud enough so i can hear it over the sound of the water. Damn never thought i would love a shower as much as i do know!!

Just as i got out i herd Harry knocking at the door. " babe?? Darcy wont shut up!! please hurry!!!! " i laughed at his fatherly skills then put on pyjamas and went to help.

Just as i picked her up from her crib she stopped crying. " What the hell?! " harry said with disbelief. " well now we know who the better parent is" I said teasing Harry.

" Babe what if she hates me? what if she wants nothing to do with me? what if she will be embarrassed to go out in public with me? Ally I'm scared i dont want to be the parent who gets ignored." I could see how worried he was. " dude your Harry Styles! of corse she will want to talk to you and go out in public with you!! your apart of the worlds biggest boyband ( well man band now ) she will brag about you at school and all of her friends moms that are directioners will go insane so you have nothing to worry about Haz." I handed Darcy to him and i seen a tear run down his cheek. i put my hand on his knee and kissed his cheek. " have you herd from Niall? " i asked him. " no actually how about Taylor?? " oh crap! what the hell?! we text everyday " nope nothing! Harry, im starting to get worried!"


Heyy :) sorry this took so long!! I have been really busy and ya just no ideas really but I hope to get the next few chapters done and i will try to have a new one uploaded every Saturday :) ~Tay

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